Chili Peppers

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  1. I know we all like to relax and chill out when we're blazing and whatnot, but sometimes you just gotta ROCK THE F*CK OUT!

    Will be posting more, they've got some incredible live performances. Who else here is a Pepper fan? I've been jamming to these guys since before Stadium Arcadium, arguably one of their best collaborative efforts. John Frusciante (the guitarist) also has some absolutely phenomenal solo work I'll be posting here later. These guys definitely fall into the category of people who were destined to make music, along with the likes of Kurt Cobain, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, etc. 

  2. I could listen to rhcp all day, beautiful music.  Love blood sugar sex magik :smoke: 
  3. These kind of posts belong in the "what are you listening to now?" thread.

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