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  1. What's up everyone...I recently started 2 fem lowryder 2's one just sprouted the other one is in veg already and has a few leaf sets as you can see below. I have them in happy frog potting soil and they are under 260 watt CFL's(3 bulbs)

    I know these are very helpful for a first time grower which is the main reason why I am doing one. So any help would be great. I already have a few questions

    1. When should I transplant the bigger one from a party cup to the bigger pot? It is about 2 weeks old at this point.

    2. I bought nutrients, one for veg and one for flowering. I am aware that you dont want to give a plant nutes if it is too young. I am pretty scared to use them because i really dont want to harm my plants by giving them too much or too little too early on etc. So when would be the appropriate time?

    Thanks alot for checking out my thread

    Now for the pics.

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  2. Nice health green plant man... I'd be looking to move up to a 6" pot after 2 weeks, but I like getting them into the bigger pots as fast as possible when they are young. so the root never has to turn. Lowryder's are new to me (I just started them maybe a week ago?), and Im using hydro, but I've already starting bumping up my nute ratios, and the plants show no sign of burn even this young, Im thinking they may need nutes way early to build up that root system before their growth burst..good luck!
  3. Thanks that was helpful im probably going to transplant the bigger one today i think, probably better off transplanting earlier than later. I think i will start the nute regimen next week.
  4. Are there any little tips to transplanting my plant? I really dont want to stunt its growth or fuck it up.
  5. Ok so i decided that it would be best if i put the bigger plant in a bigger pot now. I transplanted but don't know if i did it right. Im not sure if you can really mess it up. Here are some pics. This plant is on day 13

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  6. The first one(bigger one) seems to be behind compared to other lowryder grow journals. I feel like I have sufficient lighting and everything. I just started using some nutes yesterday so hopefully that will speed it along.

    My only suggestion is that maybe I fucked up the roots when i transplanted and they are regenerating or something.

    I think I should be about ready to transplant the other one. I also added another 60 watt light.
    My light cycle has been a little bit different( half hour or hour difference mostly) a few times. Will this have a really big effect on the grow? Maybe that is what is causing the lack of growth.

    I got a new tube also so i'll throw in a pic of that too:smoking: It is a Delta 9 zen. It has a 4 arm perc a splash catcher, diffused ash catcher and a regular diffuser. Rips like a champ
  7. pictures.:smoking:

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  8. any suggestions would be good...
  9. Alright well, at this point I'm pretty sure no one is even following this but I still have a few questions.

    I have to go to my parents house for spring break, what is the best way to transport plants. It would be a 5 hour drive.

    hopefully someone reads this and if you do can you please take a look at some previous questions

  10. you're going to take them with you? how old will they be when you have to leave, and how long will you be gone for?
  11. Plants are lookin good im pretty stoked

    i guess im takin them on the trip home for spring break...we'll see how that goes

    The bigger one should be about to flower its a little over a month old. Younger one has a scrawny ass stem at the bottom (top is thicker for some reason) i may have to add support any good ways to do that?>

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