Children Sickened After Eating Cannabis Cookies

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  1. Medical Marijuana: Children Hospitalized After Eating Cannabis Cookies - ABC News

    ok so lets pick though and find out whats wrong with this article?
    1. ok Mmj comes up alot in this, in not sure how kids buying eadibles at a gas station has anything to do with a dispensary or medical cannabis.

    2. for sure those kids knew it was Cannabis cookies..... no one asked how mush they paid for them? or why the fuck they kept eating them even though im sure they tasted of skunk.

    3. they said street Marijuana may contain ketamine or morphine. that brings me back to the how much you paid thing. ketamine is freaking expensive and im sure no one is out throwing morphine into brownies cause the brownie just isnt enough lol. my friends mom always says shit like youre buying laced weed and youre gonna be addicted to crack... im just like wtf lady all that shit cost way more then the weed im paying for.

    4. is there even mmj in illinois?

    5. the Video on the page is a different story then the one writtin in the article. just kind of a manufacturing a crisis type thing
  2. Kids may become giddy, constantly repetitive, they may stare off in space, may have some hallucinations," said Dr. Thomas Abramo.:hippie: sounds like the side effects of being high......
  3. Not legal here in Illinois! Someone got mommy and daddies brownie! Thats why i keep mine in my bedroom in a lock box!!!
  4. Lol bet they ate those lazy cakes hahahaha
  5. Lol there is definitely no MMJ here in the great ass backwards state of Illinois! Other wise I would def have a card.
  6. man i didnt even think about those stupid fuckin things.. those lazy cakes.. pff
  7. Dank dude, where ya at brother! 815 here!
  8. the first thing that wrong with the article, it a year old, and when it was originally posted like 10 people posted it here

    hehehehhe jk jk, its pretty ridiculous
  9. 217 my brotha! Central Illinois.
  10. yeah youre right it is a old article.
  11. Reads article and prepares to go on a self righteous rant. Sees that the Article is from 2011...sigh.
  12. vallejo is 10-15 mins away from where im at..bankrupt as fuck, that city is LITERALLY running on MMJ revenue. im actually going out there later today. i remember when that cookie thing happened last year people were pisssed
  13. they were probably sickened by all the laxatives their institutional food.
  14. What the fuck is the big dam deal. Some kids got sick getting far to stoned. But kids drinking themselves to death from the family liquor cabinet, which is happening all the time is ok because....? Oh, I know, because the liquor lobby gave plenty of money to the political parties. Hey I grow weed, I'm willing to contribute to corrupt politicos, can we legalize now?
  15. umm well if it was legal...they would have a hard time getting that if there was no black market... but on the other hand i guess they were eating natural evolution created medicine:hello::smoke:
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    Convenience stores DON'T sell mmj neither California nor Illinois...mof, no where in the US does it happen...

    Sure some clerk could have sold the kids some POT cookies but they were not medical marijuana related...unless he was DIVERTING the medicine..and we all know nobody ever uses someone else RX drugs, kids never sneak off with mom and dads <insert the unmentionable drug names here> to get high...while drinking alcohol they stole from the parents stocked bar...naaaaa, kids never do that...:rolleyes:

    oh and if you picked up on this, you shouldn't be surprised on the party membership...

  17. doesnt say they purchased them from the store lol

    says "given to them"

    i bet he sold them to the kids lol

  18. true, but the gist of the article is the kids got medical marijauana from a 'store' obvious attempt to link mmj sales and dispensaries to the event, when an actual legit mmj patient/caregiver/dispensary had nothing to do with it.

    ...and that clerk must be one dumbass to sell mmj cookies to little kids, AT WORK....jeeeez what a 'dope'

  19. whats wrong with kids these days? in my days we kids had the good sense to drop acid, smoke some hash and ride our motorcycles to the local drive-in for a burger. Nowdays they go to a 7-ll to score !

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