Children Of Bodom!!!

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  1. so, i went to frisco today for the Children Of Bodom show at Slim's, it was awesome, Through The Eyes Of The Dead opened, then God Forbid came on, the FINALLY Children Of Bodom,

    they played:
    -Six Pounder
    -In Your Face
    -Needled 24/7
    -Lake Bodom
    - & i think (not sure) Bed Of Razors

    the first two were pretty good, the mosh was insane for all 3 of them though

    how many of you like COB or the other bands, and how many shows have you been to?

    hahahaha needless to say i brought about 2.5-3 grams and my ex's 3 inch glass spoon....its cool...has spiders and a bluish tint with webs around it
  2. I'm hoping to go see Children Of Bodom when they play with Slayer here. But Lamb of God and Mastadon are going to be there too.....neither of which I care to hear.
  3. dude i went to see morbid angel and motorhead while i was in new york. couldnt have been a more diverse crowd.

    you had the leather jacket 40+ crowd with long hair and cigs

    and you had the teenage-come-from-a-good-family-but-still-want-to-act-like-their-life-is-shit crowd.

    oh and i saw a dude get a crack bubbler broken over his face. man.

    good concert though.
  4. fuck i love cob.
  5. yea, they are comin to san jose (or frisco, not sure yet) on the 19th of june, im going, so its gonna be sweet i didnt know COB was goin to be there though?? it didnt say that when i was checkin ticket prices and shit.........hmm oh well, even better!!!! i love slayer /lamb of god, never really listened to mastadon though, bu if its anything like lamb of god and slayer then im not too worried
  6. I saw Children of Bodom when they toured with Amon Amarth and Trivium. Im seeing them again REAL soon ^-^ I love Bodom, the moshes are insane, and I tend to bang my brains out.
  7. hahaha yea, my neck was a lil sore from all the headbanging, was sooo worth it though, but i realized i failed my break for 4/20 =( it was only once, but i goit BLOWN off like .25 g's i couldnt even tell the bowl was packed by the time it got to me.....i was like "what the hell am i doin with this??" cuz my ex packed it first and she only had a lil, but she hit it, was kinda black, and matched the rest of the bowl, so i hit it to hopefully get e resin hit, but i got some bud instead!! hahaha it was a great surprise........i was savin mine for after cuz i saw they were searchin people so i left it in the car (my ex, of course, put everything in here bra haha) so she got evrything in, and they took my camera =( i guess they dont like videos??

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