Children of Africa

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    Children of Africa.

    Man is a singular creature, he has certain gifts,
    Which make him unique among the animals,
    So that, unlike them, he is not a figure in the landscape,
    He is the shaper of the landscape.

    We are all Children of Africa. Children of Africa,
    They say this is where it all began,
    In a parched African landscape,
    Man first put his foot, to the ground...

    [ame=]Symphony of Science - "Children of Africa" (The Story of Us) - YouTube[/ame]

    "perhaps it's time we control the population to allow the survival of the Environment."

    Oh Yeah! :D
  2. I love symphony of science I watch all of them every day;)
  3. "perhaps it's time we control the population to allow the survival of the Environment."

    cant agree more
  4. These beings, with soaring imagination... Sank themselves into a decrepit state and demanded nothing change in order to exalt their own magnificence. Woe unto us, the children of folly.
  5. "perhaps it's time we control the population to allow the survival of the Environment."

    Throw that into the Orwellian hole.
  6. I hate to be negative but did anyone else find the autotune to be annoying?

    And do you really think it's a good idea to enforce population control? Let nature take it's course. Things live and things die. Even the universe will eventually die and probably be reborn again. If man wants to live, then the consciousness of the planet must adjust to be in harmony with nature. If it's not meant to be than we will continue on our path and destroy ourselves and the universe will go on. There is nothing any government can do to force a change on the cannot control the consciousness of the people entirely, natural forces will always override it.

  7. The autotune is the point. They wouldn't be singing without it.

    They aren't saying it should be enforced, but that we, as humans should make the conscious decision of cutting back on how many humans we're producing, because it isn't helping the planet. Of course, the planet will be fine. We on the other hand (and most life on Earth), will be dead if we just allow nature to adjust. Overpopulation generally (with any animal, in any ecosystem) leads to extinction.

  8. Yea I kinda figured that out after I posted that lol I wasn't familiar with the symphony of science. I think they would be better off just playing some background music with the speeches in their original format, but I guess that's not what they're going for.

    And I agree with that. I just got the impression that some people were advocating population control laws and things of that nature and I would totally be against that. It would take a lot more than just watching how many children we give birth to though...I feel like the whole western would would need a lifestyle change big time to get back in touch with nature to sustain ourselves.
  9. No way! I Won't!

    I do not equate population control with mass murder and a police state. :)

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