Children 'executed' in 1950 South Korea

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  1. Over 100,000 killed by US/South Korean Military

  2. I don't understand how they arrive at the number 100,000? Seems a bit made up for shock factor.
  3. Either way, the US sanctioning mass killings after winning the "Good War" to end all oppression?

    People have a hard time believing we only go to war for money, not to save lives. I think this declassified stuff says it all, and we'll be getting a lot more of it in our lifetime. History won't be kind to the US.
  4. Yet another case of the U.S behaving not entirely unlike the Nazis.
    ...How completely deplorable and morally repugnant this is. I don't think a simple apology would suffice here, if there even if an apology for this within our lifetimes.
  5. I think it's important to note that the article only makes accusations, it doesn't provide direct evidence.

    Taking photographs of something is not the same as engaging in it. The article also clearly indicates that local police and militias were engaging in this activity.

    Absent more information, it could be a typical AP "Fake but accurate" hit piece on the US.
  6. Disturbing..

    As you stated will be interesting what comes out in the next 30/40 yrs..
  7. Well thats quite fucked up.
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    Well, the accusations do not stop at just taking photographs. Are you disputing the validity of this Commission's findings?

    "sanctioning" and "giving approval" for a mass killing goes beyond merely photographing it.
  9. Would I reflexively question the findings and validity of a politically charged foreign commission attempting to blame the US?


    Further, there is a difference between isolated instances of military officers engaging in this activity, and a policy of having such an activity.

    That's why i mentioned earlier that more information is needed.

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