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Children and the Storage of Edibles

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Storm Crow, Jan 6, 2023.

  1. To put it bluntly, there have be quite a few news articles about children getting into edibles lately. That's because a study just came out on kids 6 and under getting into their parent's/ grandparent's edibles. It noted that 3 to 4 year olds are at the highest risk.

    Pediatric Edible Cannabis Exposures and Acute Toxicity: 2017–2021. (USA) (full – 2023)

    The problems start when parents stupidly leave their edibles in a dresser drawer (or other semi- accessible spot), and the kids find them. Kids DO snoop! And what kid stops at ONE gummy?

    Part of the problem is obvious- a dozen 10 mg gummies or squares of chocolate, is a "good-sized" dose for an average adult. In a child's smaller body, the effect would be FAR stronger!

    Or even worse, is if an infant finds that one gummy that a careless adult dropped on the floor! The endocannabinoid system in infants and toddlers does NOT react to cannabis like in older children and adults. In the very young, the breathing center of the brain can be affected by large doses of cannabinoids! In RARE instances, infants who have eaten hash or other concentrates, have needed intubation and/or gone into a coma!

    I think it is quite possible for an infant or toddler to fatally overdose on a large dose of concentrated cannabis! This is something we DEFINITELY do not want to have happen!

    If there are children in the house, even just visiting for the day, your edibles NEED to be under lock and key! Even a "el cheapo" lock box will deter most kids! Don't give cannabis any "bad press" by being careless with your edibles!

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  2. I’ll never forgive my industry for deciding that edibles needed to be in candy form. And those that blatantly rip off and copy cat packaging to make it look like cookies or candy should be tarred and feathered. :cautious:
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    Cannabis especially edibles IS a highly potent drug and I like my Drugs to actually come packaged like drugs. It makes most people stop and think far more then a gummy or brownie would. These are 75mg so equal to 7 of my state limit single dose 10mg gummies. It's an ugly ride for an average adult if they ignore my warning to start with a 1/4 capsule and I imagine it would hospitalize a child

    When I was growing up most parents kept the Liquor Cabinet locked even if they trusted their own kids as they have friends who may not be such little angels and it is best to keep temptation out of reach. It is a great place for your Cannabis and those prescription meds you likely have in the bathroom cabinet as well.

    Those of us that wrench on Cars often have a rolling tool chest that is lockable if we can remember where the key is. It is what I used when we had kids visiting.

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  4. Agreed. That’s why I love the capsules. Not very enticing to youngsters.
    We are planning to start wholesaling them in MT this month. :thumbsup:
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  5. AMEN, GRANNY! Truer words never spoken.
    I go to this dispo in Trenton sometimes, and I get gummies, cookies and juice (or eggnog once! :D). But the cookies are called Monster Cookies and I think that's a chain of regular cookies if I'm not mistaken. They have Fruit Loops at this dispo too, and rice crispies treats. Point is, it's VERY easy to mistake these things for regular candy or juice. The packages are not clearly marked CANNABIS. The juice bottles don't say anything about Cannabis on them. So yeah, locking them up from kids is a must, but locking them up from adults in 12 step programs is also a must. Someone comes over, sees a bag of cookies not clearly marked cannabis, and they're the kind of friends and family who feel at home in your home. So they help themselves and then their sobriety is blown.
    But yeah it is worse for kids! I can't imagine a newborn ingesting cannabis and... it's awful. Most important are the kids! Definitely I plan to lock everything up, even bud, if any friends with kids come visit me.
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  6. This news item took the cookie! went around the world many times, the anti weed are still pumping it
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. I can’t agree more with you all. Some friends ask me frequently to make gummies and so on… although I did it for my own personal experiments (I don’t have children), I never shared any of them - only alcohol tincture in dropper bottles or hash capsules. I mean - I don’t know any medication packaged as candy…
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  9. How long until they pass legislation that makes the packaging bland and nondiscript like cigarettes? I think it's necessary to stop confusion. I mean it's the exact same reasoning for the cigarette changes, it was to stop encouraging kids from smoking. It's why no candy is allowed to mimic cigarettes anymore.

    With that being said, it's not just kids accidentally eating them. I've heard of plenty of adults eating those candies thinking they're regular candies.
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  10. A six year old just shot a teacher

    Which story will end up with consequences?
  11. I agree 7 year old niece dumbass of a mom decided it was ok to leave out a pk of edible chocolate chip cookies..the pk looked like a regular chips ahoy 35lb niece ate the entire pk to herself, she ended up in icu for 3 days, they couldn't wake her, her bp dropped to scary levels, it affected her kidneys as here in Canada cigarette packages have to be plain brown packages so it doesn't appeal to children BUT its ok to package edibles to LOOK EXACTLY LIKE kids treats ud buy at the store!! It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! And the scariest part, this was the 3rd incident that month of a child being brought in for edibles! I have nothing against anyone who chooses to buy these products but please please please if u have children in the home please be the responsible adult and make sure ur products are stored properly!! Its not that hard ppl!! thankfully my niece has been doing great since that incident but it very well could have been prevented from happening in the first place, remember kids don't stop to read packages..they look at that pack and all they see is yummy cookies!
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  12. Edibles NEED to be in child-proof packaging and the package should NOT resemble any legal, non-medicated product! The dose and number of doses should be clearly marked. If there are any children around, your edibles should be kept in a LOCKED box (Walmart lock boxes start at just $20 and that's a heck of a LOT cheaper than taking a comatose child to the Emergency Room, plus all the legal fees for child endangerment!).

    However, I question the need for cannabis buds be be packaged in child-proof containers. I recently got an eighth of cannabis in a glass jar with a plastic top. The empty container, itself, weighed over 160 grams! ( I think it was 163.) All to package a mere 3.5 grams of cannabis! :eek2: Kinda "overkill", since buds are not yummy-looking (or good tasting) and are far less appealing to children than edibles.

    I do think child-proof jars for buds should be available free at the dispensary, for those who have kids, but in many cases, the child-proof packaging is simply not needed! Cannabis' over-packaging just adds to the HUGE mountain of trash that legal cannabis creates.

    I'd like to see buds sold "deli style" where the cannabis was weighed out in front of the customer, put into a small baggie and slapped with a pre-printed label. This used to be the case in California, but our overly-cautious politicians changed that, and transformed buying a bit of herb into an ecological disaster! :coolalt:

    OK, I'm done ranting and the news is about to come on. So it's time to fill my pipe and top it off with some hash!

    Catch you guys later!

    Granny :wave:
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  13. I totally agree granny, if my niece that morning got up and saw actul bud left out whether it was in a package on not, im almost 100% positive she would never have eaten it or bothered with it in any which doesn't look appealing nor does it smell like it would even remotely taste appealing..but she woke before her mom and of course she was hungry so when she saw that package of cookies well she grabbed them and never thought twice about it!
    I've educated both my sons since very young ages and have never hidden that fact that I smoke weed..they are now 15 and 18, and both have experimented with their buddies, and neither of them like it at youngest says he may one day try it again but not something he could be bothered with right now, my oldest just don't like how it makes him feel it at all..
    But in saying that, no matter which form u have ur products in, especially if there is small children around, its up to us to keep these little ones safe!

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