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  1. I wanted to see who else had the same experience. When I was a kid back 10 years ago I used to get beat many times. My parents hated me every day they would tell me to leave and never come back but I was a scared kid so I never did leave. At an early age I started smoking weird to cope with the pain. Mary Jane has always been there for me. I never had too many friends either so it was only me in a cruel environment. Has anyone else had this same experience as a kid.
  2. Uhhh no. Hopefully your parents are currently in jail?
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  3. Pm me if you ever need to talk (=
  4. I feel you my dad used to go ape shit on me and my sister. Weed numbs the pain
  5. Though it never happened to me, I have worked for Children Services and it happens all to often. Children self medicate with cannabis and other drugs. Family is a cornerstone of self development in children, and typically there are other social and behavioral problems beyond drug use that are fostered in such an environment as well.

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