chiefers and their sneaky ways

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  1. i consider this guy a good friend. he practically got me into smoking and taught me lots of helpful things. but fuck, he's a big time chiefer. he tries to be secretive about it. here's how,

    whenever we're toking and someone other than him does something a little dumb, you know, usual stoner stuff (i.e. loss of balance whilst simply standing still :p ), this guy'll say something like "duuude, you're tooooo fuckin' baked" and will take that person's hit and act like he was doing the person a favor by not letting them get more baked. when it's his weed and he's matching someone or just smoking us out, after someone does something stonerish he'll say "i think it's time to put this away" when we haven't really smoked much.

    when a blunt or joint starts to burn unevenly, he'll take it up and puff and puff on it until it's even again. i have no clue why a little uneven burn would be incentive for him to puff away more than his share of the blunt/joint.

    when he's lighting a blunt or joint, he'll act like it's not getting lit right or not burning enough or something and keep hitting it and blowing on it, then hitting it then blowing then putting the flame back on it and hitting it again. there will be a little less than 3/4 of the joint/blunt left before he'll pass the darn thing.

    the bowl/joint/blunt/bong will be passed to him, he'll hit it, start telling a funny stoner story while he's holding in the hit and waits until the hit zeros before he exhales. then he pauses the story and says "well shit i didn't get anything" and takes another hit, begins the story again. sometimes he'll be puffing away as he's talking then say "oh fuck man didn't realize i was talking and holding the joint/blunt" you were doing more than holding it, you were puffing on it! :(

    chiefers are lame :( so, um, anyone else have a chiefer friend?

    -peace and nugs.
  2. No, and If I did, I would snatch them right outta rotation. Until they learned there lesson.
  3. None of my guys are like that and they know I'd smack them if they tried something like that.
  4. Sounds like you have a chiefer problem..
  5. no man...if i did this with my friends...umm no..even when i was a youngen..i always smoked with like 20 year old..and they taught me well..
  6. Used to have a boy like this.

    He'd always cheif, I'd always get on his case about it. He'd jus laugh and smoke away.

    Well in his backyard is a stolen school bus, We used to smoke it out all the time. Well he was cheifin and i was gettin pissed and he was laughin. My blunt, My weed, So fuck that shit.

    I got up to grab it and he's all leaning way back and making sure i dont get it. There was like 5-6 of us in there and i straight up said give me the blunt or ima beat your fuckin ass.

    He didnt belive me and i jus fuckin clocked him right in his dome. He dropped the blunt and me n him went at it while the others smoke the blunt and watched lol.

    I dont chill with him anymore.
  7. Thats hilarios KeepSmokinReefa
  8. Dude, there is no way I would hang with a guy like that because he would piss me off too much. I am friendly with my weed and everything but I would never let someone take advantage of me like that. I'm glad I have good friends.

    How do you stand it and why don't you say something to the guy?
  9. Okay, so the concept of "chiefing" is new to me, but I'd make a guess that I'm not a chiefer, only because of my intent. When sitting with a group of friends who are passing a joint/bowl, sometimes, to make sure everyone's paying attention (and to see how far I can take it) I'll get up to get something (a drink, some munchies, whatever). When I come back, wherever the joint/bowl is in the rotation, I step into the spot that will make me the next in the rotation, take a hit, walk around to where my original place is, and take another hit when it comes to me. I particularly enjoy doing this when there are three of us sitting in a row smoking with me in the middle and the joint/bowl gets passed back and forth. I'll take a hit both ways, thereby getting two hits to every one they take. All my friends know I do this as a reality check sort of thing. And they know I'll stop doing it once someone notices and says something. It's humorous to all and no one gets bent about it.

    But I can see your guys' point when it's done just to be a shit about it. Intentional Bogarting (that's the word we used to use instead of chiefing... you know the old song... 'Don't Bogart that joint, my friend. Pass it over to me...!') for selfish gain shouldn't be tolerated. :cool:
  10. there is no way i would be seen arouns this dude i mean obviously he just wastes ur weed to where you get 1 hit NOT happening take him out of rotation once and show his ass
  11. Thats what we call a fuckin BOGART, I fuckin hate that shit and call people out EVERYtime. Im sure if you do the same he will stop or just stop blazin with his greedy ass.
  12. yeah around here not too many people get away with that. that guy sounds like a douchebag. next time he "doesnt get a hit" or "its not burning evenly", say something, or to make him feel left out, just keep token with your remaining friends and leave his bitch ass out. i hate people like that :mad:
  13. just dont session w/ him anymore. Tell him ur outta bud.
  14. next time you have bud and are smoking him out after the 1st bowl say alright you are too high were gonna have to stop now.
  15. Yea my friend will match and then say hes out of weed then the next day smoke it with someone else just so they like him more.
  16. Alot of my unwise stoner friends bogart all the time. Then when I say something to them, they just fuck with me and call me a bogart nazi. And it's usually my weed.
    fuck it. i just laugh it off
  17. Yeah I got one of those. It got real annoying, so eventualy we stopped smokeing with him.
  18. urgh, yes! My friend isn't that bad, but he is annoying.... He'll camp forEVAR, then if you point out he's camping, he'll kinda go "oh yeah!" and take another hit... and keep camping. He usually takes 2-3 for everyone else's 1. And, on the rare occasion we bother with a joint, he does the same thing... esp. to me. If it's one of the other kids we smoke with having issues with the joint, he'll sometimes say "oh, i'll fix it!" or sometimes just let them fuss with it. But if it's me, he ALWAYS takes it.
  19. that shit wouldnt work with my friends.but sometimes we each sneak one extra hit every once in awhile.but we dont do shit like that.thats just bein an ass.
  20. I know a few kids like that, but thats when its nice to know a few lightweights who always have. I smoke with one kid who will camp on the blunt like its his fucking job, but then the two other kids are like way blazed halfway into the blunt and everyone is throwing down so i always get my moneys worth..... and to teach him a lesson you should be like lets get down just the two of us and smoke, then fucking cheif that whole shit to your face while hes sitting there and just act like your mad blazed and didnt even realize he was there if he asks you to pass it.

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