Chief justice nominee blocks school drug tests

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  1. Chief justice nominee blocks school drug tests

    A good court ruling in California

    DrugWarRant / Pete Guither / 09,04,2010

    Chief justice nominee blocks school drug tests
    In a ruling by California's chief justice nominee, a state appeals court has barred a school district from drug testing all students in extracurricular activities such as choir, the school band and Future Farmers of America. [...]
    the Third District Court of Appeal in Sacramento said Thursday that the California Constitution's guarantee of privacy is more protective of individual rights than the U.S. Constitution and may prohibit the drug screening. [...]
    “The district has not shown a specialized need to target students participating in (the activities) for drug and alcohol testing,” Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye said in the 3-0 ruling.

    She said there was no evidence of a drug problem among students in programs like choir and Future Farmers of America, and little or no evidence that testing them would serve any useful purpose.
    Nice to see a little sanity out there.
  2. thats good. teen drug testing is the stupidest shit ever man. all kids do is start doing drugs that get out of your system faster, aka drugs that can actually kill you

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