chicks with no ass

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  1. i mean, like, negative ass. like they cant even fill out their jeans. a dent. horrible

    i have one totally on my nuts right now, she's in one of my classes and ive chilled with her, she seems cool as shit except she has NO ASS.

    i am a total ASS MAN. as i like to say, i look for two things in a female: THOSE CHEEKS.:D

    so, males (and kinky ass females), how big of a deal is no ass for you? cause right now im feelin like its a deal breaker. goddamn. and i am in a drought right now so i duno whether to maintain my eternally high standards, or just go for the plunge, knowing that theres no way i would fuck this chick more than once, since i have to see her 3 times a week for the rest of the semester...jesus
  2. You're done a pretty biased job at describing this chick. Is she hot, minus the fact that she has no ass?

    If she's hot, tap it. If THAT'S good, then why really worry about the size of the bum. After all, most girls don't want to be fucked there so .. I dunno. I'm not much for ass, I prefer tits.
  3. No ass = no go..
  4. what about da tittays?
  5. id hit it.

    i meant the bong.
  6. all about the diesel
  7. truth

  8. thats what im sayin b....only trick now is to figure out how to hit on other chicks in that class without her hating me......maybe i can set her up with my creepy friend that never gets laid...its a fucking english lit class so you know theres mad fine chicas in that bitch..
  9. It's all about the boobs :)
  10. it really is all about the ass

  11. I'm a girl so to me my girls have to be well developed in the chest.
  12. Bitch, I dont give a fuck! I'd still hit the cheeks.
  13. yeah, i mean she's gotta have SOMETHING up top..
    but IMO on my scale of importance

    ass: 75%
    tits: 25%
  14. Nah, a girl can have some mediocre tits, but if the ass aint on point.. then its just a no go. haha i hate to say it, but i guess imma shallow dude. If she aint got a ass on her.. then she wont get me in her.
  15. Guys, please answer this why are you so into asses?
    IMO boobs are better.
  16. I concur with this statistic.
  17. If its got legs and a human vagina there is most likely a chance id go for it man.

    Be a trooper.
  18. false statement

  19. How in the fuck is the circle in the corner the only thing censored on this bitch?
    Their stomaches already censor their vaginas hahah

  20. and the blonde look like a dude :poke:

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