Chicks is this normal?

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  1. Idk where the fruit to post this so I guess this is the spot lol I as I was rubbing lotion on my body & when I paid attention to my arm I membered I grow little patches of arm some people have none,some people have some which is normal an then theres the ppl with a buttload well I fall into the none an some lol I have little bits here an there,u cant even tell that I have any unless u look upclose u see little patches :p I don't mind it..I just wanted to know if its normal for other chicks?? :smoking:
  2. As you said it's different for everyone. I have very light colored arm hair but I've been shaving it for years..strangely enough, if I leave it for a month or two now it doesn't really grow back in.
  3. whoaa if u shave it doesnt grow back thicker?? :smoking: I kinda wanna try that..
  4. Shaving does not make your hair grow back thicker, darker or faster. It blunts the tip of your hair making it appear so. I would guess that my arm hair just doesn't grow in very fast but that is definitely not the case for everyone. You'd just have to try and see how it works for you. Waxing is a better alternative though; I wax everywhere else, but doing my arms would just be a waste.
  5. maybe you shouldnt though it probably will come back thicker.....

    unless you got man hair arms i dont see the problem, hair grows.... its what happens to humans lol :smoking:

    but does nair make hair grow back thicker? you could wax like the person above me said, but i think that would be weirder than having hair

  6. loool fuck waxing! u can barely tell I have any anyway buttt I might try shaving :]
  7. As a guy I can tell you as long as your legs are clean shaven and you don't have so much hair that you look like bigfoot, you're fine. I wouldn't worry about it
  8. this...

    i wouldnt give a fuck about a little hair on your arm. lol as i said, humans are supposed to have hair.

    i would say dont shave it, that will more than likely just make it worst.

    i seen a bitch with a neck beard, now thats something to worry about. :smoking:
  9. I'm not a doctor, but that must be early onset menopause
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    Hmm Ive never seen that before but everyone is different. When it comes to body hair less is best in my opinion haha. Are the patches super light?

    And I don't recommend arm shaving to anyone. Yes you will have super smooth soft sexy arms. For a DAY. And then its prickle city. Combine that with shaving your legs and you are a freaking cactus. Combine that with shaving your pits and vag and that is just too god damn work for me. I have no problem with my arm hair but maybe thats because mine is super light and soft haha.
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    I've got hair on my arms, but it's just those really fine, soft, transparent ones. Like what I had all over my body when I was a child. You can see them in certain light, but its not noticeable. I honestly don't notice them myself.

    I see no reason to shave it, that sounds like a waste of time to me.

    But if I had like coarse black manly arm hair, I'd do something about it. Nair or someshit, so I didn't get prickly arms.

    I don't see any reason to be worried if your light arm hair is in patches. Its vestigial anyway. Unless it used to be even and is inexplicably falling out, I wouldn't worry.

  12. I'll third this.

    I've never paid any notice to arm hair on girls before. Keep the legs and face clean, and landscape downstairs... you're golden.
  13. Chicks shave their pits and vags? Dam someone must've forgotten to send that memo to all the girls I know
  14. k u guys r right..u cant even really see um less ur holding my arm to ur face lol
    I still wanna try the shaving thing tho..maybe just 1 arm an see if it comes back normal :]
  15. If it's just like peach fuzz I wouldn't care personally

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