chicken manure?

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  1. spotted this chickidy doo doo stuff at the store. how are you all using chicken manure? ive seen it mentioned on here but couldnt find how its best dress? or mixed in the soil before hand.
    im thinking of top dressing a little and watering it in.

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  2. Amend it into your soil.  I'm using 1 cup of chickity do do to every 1 cubic foot of soil.
  3. but i got the munchies...nothing a little chocolate syrup cant fix
  4. would this be a good ACT recipe?
    -chicken doo doo
    -alfalfa meal
    -kelp meal
    -fish hydrosalate
    bubble for 24 hours?
  5. It would be a strong nutritional tea, not an ACT. An ACT is a tool to ensure and boost microbe activity - castings or compost and a tablespoon of molasses will take care of an ACT (36 hrs) but that's a lot of stuff all at once for a tea.

    I keep seeing you say you think you have a calcium deficiency - what makes you think this? I'm pretty sure you added a mess of castings to your soil - right? (Which contain immediately available calcium).

  6. I was told calcium by a few folks not too long ago. This is what it's progressed to this far anyways. No idea what's wrong or if I fixed it . ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389569243.113247.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389569342.947136.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389569356.602204.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389569387.141604.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389569400.269631.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389569420.483265.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389569438.105132.jpg Oh yea it's 2 plants.
  7. Tough one.

    The bad leaves will probably not fix themselves - you'll need to keep an eye on new growth.

    I seriously suggest you follow a tried and true soil recipe, allow it to cycle and then start over once these plants have finished. The Merry Go Round of trying to fix things can and will drive you crazy.

  8. Heat stress? How close is your light?
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  10. Thanks Jerry Yea I am honestly so ready to start tehe next grow and do it right. I have the recipe you messaged me to work with but can't do anything till this one is over. Gonna have to struggle for 9 weeks haha. I'm not sure if its overwatering but I think I may be overwatering a bit for sure lately as I'm afraid of my soil drying out too much since I believe it needs to be a little moist for the living soil to work right ? Ill take it back a bit I suppose
  11. Go easy on the chicken poop will burn your plant. Best used for outdoor use.
  12. The longer you allow your soil to sit and cycle (to a certain point, anyhow) the better, so if I were you I wouldn't be waiting - try and get that soil mixed asap for best results.
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  13. I agree with Jerry.  I made up some soil a couple months back.  I only let it cook for a month before I started using it.  I noticed deficiencies in the plant that I never noticed before.  At that point you are trying to wonder what is wrong or why is this happening.  I just let it go and the plant started to look better and better as time went on.  I think if you can let your soil cook for a good 8 weeks before use, that will also probably solve most deficiencies as most are probably caused by the materials just not being broke down or not useable yet.
  14. Well.... I use it indoors all the time with no burning whatsoever, so...


  15. How would u apply it Jerry ? Like a few tsp on top and water it in ?I'm also thinkin that what's wrong with the plant is a nutrient lockout from the soils ph being off (low I think) I believe the ACTs and organic amendments I've been top dressing with are the cause of the PH dipping low. Now I know you say PH doesn't matter for organic but since I switched to organic halfway into this grow maybe the microbial life that I tried to get going in the soil died off or isn't working from the salt and whatever else is in the fox farm bottles I started the grow with. I believe I didn't flush the soil out enough or at all before trying to finish it out organic and it's still lingering in the soil.Does this make any sense or am I completely off ? I'm trying to connect all the dots here but I'm such a noob!!
  16. pH in an organic soil totally matters! It's just that in a good viable living soil environment, in a properly constructed soil we just don't need to worry about it so much, or try to adjust it because if we made it right with quality ingredients/quality humus and have allowed it to cycle for a sufficient amount of time it becomes reasonably stable and is able to go with the ever changing flow as different items break down - but it definitely matters.

    If I were to use chicken manure as a top dressing is just work a small fistful into the top few inches of soil the next time it needs watering and water it in after application but it sounds like you've already top dressed with a few things? You don't want to overdo it either - that's just as bad.

    Switching halfway through might be your issue. Have you started mixing for your next run yet?

  17. nope, im working on sourcing a lot of good stuff and im making great progress..I could definatly build a soil fast now when im ready. and although everyones made it clear to start cooking I might be moving so im going to take the time and really focus on learning everything I can until I know for sure I can start the next one at my current place.
    i realize its going to be a headache now the rest of this grow but I am looking at it as a challenge to keep these plants alive organically growing in fox farm soil that had fox farm trio for the first 8 weeks.
    Jerry knows what im dealing with he has helped me a lot along the way...but if anyones curious I to what ive done (and since im medicated off some of my easy ryder ....)
    I did a simple fox farm ocean/perlite soil using the Fox farm aboutttt idk week 8? ,a really good recruiter of the organic section ^^^
    started teaching me basics on organics and ive been trying to get these plants growing organically since.
    First I took out all the excess soil I could from the plants and top dressed,side dressed and added as much coast of maine lobster compost as possible as well as earthworm castings and perlite. what I think I should have done also before this step was give a realllll good flush the plants and im regretting that now....i think? lol.
    soil drenched with an ACT twice now hoping to get some life to the soil. im running into issues now tho..also during the learning curve ive sprinkled a couple tea spoons of kelp meal on the top of the soil and idk if this helped or was harmful as ive learned about cooking raw amendments.
    anyways. i dont know where im going with this but im stoned and this is an online forum so there ya go! to roll the next one
  18. You should just start over at this point and build a good soil and allow to cook. I would quit using the fox farm nutes that sounds like the porblem/. Either utilize a soil that is fertilizer free and use liquid organic ferts or utilize organic ferts such as bone meal,blood meal,neem meal etc and stay away from the liquid ferts. One or the other seems like your doing to much at once

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