Chicken manure for seedling?

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  1. Ok so I popped a seed a few weeks back in soil and all was good until a few days ago. It started turning yellow and didn't grow much after that I figured it was a pH problem. But my question is can i make a tea from chicken manure and molasses to give them at a quarter strength to help give a boost to it to make it start growing again or will this burn. This is my first soil well versed in hydro grows as I've been doing them that way for years but I'm kinda stuck with the soil plant. I've done a crap load of research but can't find anything on seedlings and tea. I'm using what I have around house for a organic soil grow so jeep that in mind but if anyone has anything that can help it would be greatly appreciated
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    What was the soil mix you used?
    It sounds like a few differing problems could be the source of your hand I would guess overwatering or a lack of "humus" in the soil.
  3. You can steep kelp alfalfa and chicken manure in aerated water for 24-48 hours and apply. I would put some worm castings in the too. No molasses.
  4. Lol honestly I have no idea got it out another plants pot that had older organic soil in it but that's all I know like I said I have no idea about soil so this is like a trial and error process I just want it to die that all. What would the humus do in the soil?
  5. Just wondering why no molasses. I've made tea before with great results using ewc, molasses and ancient forest
  6. Humus is the driving force behind a living soil. It is the stable end result of organic matter decomposition and what allows the soil to buffer excess nutritional activity, introduces or enhances the population of microorganisms in the soil, increases water retention and regulates pH.
    I would suggest starting here.

    There's a wonderful amount of information and learning material here on this particular sub forum.  :gc_rocks:
  7. That is an AACT, not a steeping tea. You just want to give the plants a shot of nitro and some other beneficials. An AACT is to innoculate the soil with microbes which is where the molasses comes in, as a food source. You don't need molasses for what you are trying to do.

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