Chicken is still live

Discussion in 'General' started by TRIXIE--CHICK, May 26, 2010.

  1. Hey blades chicken wanted me to let his fellow blades no he is good, we moved so we don't have a computer servce right now and i finally got to computer .i'm actually at a library .i just found out i could log in so he has to get a library card me he is going nuts not communcating with his blades i letting everyone no we are still alive
  2. Hooray! I was just on his page a few days ago wondering where he went. Tell him to get back here damnit! Tell him Royksopp (pronounced rake-sopp) says so :D
  3. ok i will he misses everyone i think hes going trought withdraws:cool:
  4. ... who's chicken?

    lol j/k
  5. are you talking about this chicken?
  6. woo. the chicken still live!!!!!!
  7. Those who ask don't no who he is but ALL the other blades no who he is ....He says to tell all u that he had to work today but hopefully hell be able to come up herewith me so he can talk to all his blades...
  8. Oh boy, what a surprise

    Everytime I have chicken for dinner it instantly reminds me of him. Glad he's doing okay! Tell him to stop by sometime!!
  9. damn i was wondering where the hell hes been - good news, hope to see his fantastic posts soon
  10. Good news,

    most badass blade is badass :rolleyes:
  11. Well aint it about damn time!
  12. cool, can't wait for him to get that library card. haha. good to know he's alright. :hello:
  13. Great news! Give him my/our best please! :)

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