chick with a dick?!?

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  1. Not happy at all this morning, took my baby out of the dark room a while ago to find little ball like sacks up some stalks! Is this plant a chick with a dick (hermie)

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  2. the pics are blurry as hell, but yea it's either a hermie or a full blown male!!
  3. yeah. toss it.
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    Yeah sorry about pic quality my camera is on the blink and so im restricted to my phone camera ... If it is a hermie is it in anyway possible to salvage anything? Sounds really dumb but ive heard stories of people picking these pods off and doing ok? Are they simply kidding themselves? Im so pissed this took me ages as its only had sun light from UK and grown soo well. *crys*

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  5. I wouldn't risk it...any pollen touches your females and you don't get bud. :)
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    But its possible?? This sadly is the only one I have on the go at the mo as I have to wait to move house til I can build my box with lights, then my partner has given me permission to grow to my hearts content

  7. yea you can do that! i've had a hermie before and all i did was pick all the balls off, came up with a few seeds, but still had some pretty good bud! and if you do find seeds forming, take em out so the plant can stop focusing its energy on them!
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    Cheers for the info fella, its gotta be worth a shot I mean for the last few months this has been like my baby, first grow, free seed from a mate and 100% sunlight from a window (obviously with dark periods) be a shame to just dump it now...
  9. Pic update *still a bit blurred as camera still fucked* this is her/him 3 weeks into 12/12 lighting. Oh shes now under a 125 plug and grow cfl ... Feedback? Peace out

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  10. Looks like you got a full blown male man. I don't see any pistils at all.
  11. Agreed.

    No chick - ALL DICK.

    Thats just a boy you have my friend. Nothing hermorphrodite about it.

    Better luck next time.

  12. yea dude it's a full blown male!! no bud you're getting from that!!
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    Are the pistils the white bits coming out of the stem ( they look almost like single hairs) or am I mistaken? Cos there is like 4-5 of them dotted around the plant, but my phone camera is shite and cant get a focus on them. Will try find a digital camera to borrow... But if I am wrong, this is only my first grow with a free seed so will be a good learning curve
  14. those arent sex pistols they grow out of the sides of big nodes usually and most people mistake those for being female traits. but even males have them. the sex pistols usually grow very close to the tops and dont stop at only 4 or whatever they keep producing
  15. No, what you are seeing are the stipules. Pistils grow in sets of 2 from the calyxes. I do not see any calyxes at all. This is a true hermie, clear presence of both male and female. I hate to say it but you have a full male. :(
  16. Yes you do... With lots of seeds.
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    Awww thats a shitter =( never mind onwards n upwards I now have the wood to build my grow box (just waiting for reflective sheeting) and in two weeks I will be starting my new babies ... Fem bubblecheese and fem honey b and will be starting a thread for anyone wanting to follow
  18. Male dude sorry.
  19. Shiiiit =( o well thankyou anyway all of you guys, great amount of feedback, back to the drawing board ... In two weeks I will be starting a new thread for my new babies , a fem bubblecheese and a fem honey b... And another for the grow box im about to build from scratch and will cost me around £30 but that will include reflective sheeting and all wood and also the 2ft sticky zip in that price...

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