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"chick flicks"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. hey... i was wondering if any of the guys out there enjoy "chick flicks"??? lol, i just watched Serendipity not long ago and thought it was an excellent movie. most guys i know wouldn't think twice about watching it though... just wonderin' if any fellas out there enjoy these movies as well.
  2. Ya i like them when im stoned LMAO!!!!!! o ya and if a i have a hto girl right next to me
  3. I liked Riding in Cars With Boys.

    "I don't think my parents would want you using their oven to dry weed!"

  4. if a beautiful mind is a chick flick then yes i like them with being stoned or having a girl
  5. i have never liked em stoned or straight
  6. some are good (a beautiful mind), most are bad (chocolat) for my tastes...i like comedies the most
  7. I'm female (or the last time I looked, I was one.......LOL) and I hate 99.9% of all chick flicks myself unless I'm going through some wierd depression or something of that nature. I prefer to laugh but everyone's different......just wanted to state my opinion that all girls dont like or even enjoy chick flicks.......
  8. There's to much beating around the bush in chickflicks. Why can't they just spell it out instead of all this doublecommunication. Then the movie would last only about 10 minutes and the agony would be over. Real quick.

    Chickflicks have only one good application IMHO, first dates :) "oh, he's sooo sensitive, we had this wonderfull evening watching Piano together..."

  9. that's weird... it says critter2 had the last post for this thread, but it's not there... hmmm...

    someone mentioned chocolat... i didn't like that one much either, lol.
  10. I'm with Flowerchild. There are very few chick flicks that I dig. I can tolerate the funny ones simply for the humor like some of the craziness Cameron Diaz gets involved with but as far as the sappy ones, I have a hard time with most of them. I don't classify A Beautiful Mind as a chick flick but that may just be me. I fell asleep watching Serendipity.
  11. Not big on the chick flicks myself. More of an action/comedy lover.
  12. they're not my favorite type of movie... but i do enjoy watching 'em every now and then. a lot of julia roberts movies are good. i dunno. i guess i just got a bit of a sappy side, lol.
  13. no comment.

  14. I only like the private ones that Flowerchild, RMJL, and I make.. Those are Good ones!

  15. ROTFLMAO!!!!
  16. ^^what he said^^

  17. I did get suckered into going to see "Two Weeks Notice" this afternoon. For a chick flick, it really wasn't too bad.
  18. i plan on seeing that sometime in the near future. looks like a pretty good movie.
  19. i dont consider a beutiful mind to be a chick flick ... serendipity was a good movie ... but im more into the sci-fi movies ..
  20. Sci-fi rules. I've seen them all, from metropolis via barbarella, through flash gordon onto star wars and treks. never forgetting the battlestar galactica series. i even enjoyed battlefield earth (but i was pretty blazed) and mission to mars (ditto). i got scared shitless in alien, enjoyed aliens, and ate III and IV for desserts. event horizon made me think (and i just love lithglow in "third rock"). 2001 and 2010 stands out as marvels of movie-art. now if only the local tv stations could run the b5 series again!!

    tonight, on a local tv station, they show "the ciderhouserules" *sigh*

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