Chick asked for my number

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  1. Tehehehe.

    So tonight was a good mutual friend of ours' birthday party, and it's our college's senior week. so we both met up there, danced a bit, then UP showed up and busted the party.. made everyone who didn't live there leave. We were hanging out on the sidewalk when they kicked us off the sidewalk for 'blocking it'... whatever, so we just left. Went back to my friend's place, where I actually lived for a month while I was inbetween housing and he was one of my roommates, and this girl he's been seeing.. who is actually the 4 year roommate of eileen ('my' girl) lol small world! so me and eileen leave because it's her senior year and one of her friends wants to reminisce and stuff. We get to her apt, go inside the dark corridor (Idk what else to call it) and get pretty phyiscal :cool: And she tells me that she's gonna text me tomorrow (now tonight) when i get out of work. then she told me i'm gonna get some. :D :D :hello: :hello:
  2. push it to the limit, walk along the razors edge. Don'tlLook down,just keep your head or you'll be finished
  3. congrats man! see everything worked out + a possible serious relationship
  4. Finish in her
  5. And take pics
  6. you should always get a number and never give yours out. increases your success rate in my experience but hey, everyone has their own game.

    gl OP
  7. Beat off like five times today so you'll last longer....make it look like a pistol grip!

    I expect a good update!
  8. Yeah, and if you get their number, you can take a while to text/call them. It gets them all worried. Makes them want you more (sometimes).

  9. this, always a good idea to crank a couple out beforehand.

    But ill give you some advice on seducing women. It does not matter how big your cox is or how long you go. the thing that they want the most is to just orgasm by you, you do that the rest wont matter. most younger guys have trouble getting women off. if you hold this power you hold a lot of power. so focus on her and yours will come later.

    also, until you are sure you want her to stick around, never put in more than 70% work or she will never leave you alone.
  10. You're doing it wrong.
  11. 5 bucks says nobody read that whole thing :cool:

  12. been in this thread like 4 times and still have not gotten past the first 3 words

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