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Chicagoland pickups

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by asd16, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. damn that looks dank, lovely pic
  2. PURPLE! Nice pickup, it looks lovely.

    I cannot wait until Saturday gettin a zip of skud.
  3. Been a while since i picked some purp around the chicagoland area.
    Looks like some dank bud.
  4. that looks like a male pollen sack on your bud.
  5. looks sexy as hell. i roll me some nice bluntz with that.
  6. that is some fine looking purp ya got there man.

    hows the taste
  7. bump, you can see the slight purple

  8. that looks so delicious. i love me some purp +rep
  9. Nice bro, looks like some decent purp. Chitown buds are the best :D
  10. I got a half oz of some of the finest purp, and let me tell you "It Was Good". You'll love it.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Lol dude I smoked it months ago. Just commenting lol.
  13. looks like some good stuff. pretty standard like most of the purp around here, enjoy that stuff dude
  14. is this in chicago right now? PM PLEASE! im fuckin hurtin right now :( dry as hell!
  15. Purp!:hello: Ow hell yah!:smoking:
  16. lol why wuldn enyone pm u tellin u there weed hook ups or try n help hook u up lol...honestly i think gettin ur own weed connects is wut ppl should do..especially online
  17. dat shit looks good man!!! do you know exactly wat strain?? don't look like gdp...gdp not that purple. your shit is all the way purple....niiiiiice!
  18. looks like some bomb nug. i dont see any male pollen sack u were talkin about tho??? anyways. nice pickup!
  19. why? because not everyone thinks like you. u know this is MEDICINE and some people know that and are compassionate and would like to help others out. and nobody is asking for anybodys hook ups/connects, just askin for a little QUALITY medicine instead of the garbage thats going around.

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