Chicago style hotdog

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  1. Damn... Am I the only mother fucker that eats hot dogs plain?

  2. at a bbq I will. I'll eat a nice grilled dog or a buger plain.

    But if I'm getting it at a restaurant I usually get the works.
  3. I kinda want a hot dog now.
  4. me too... my girl is getting off of work soon and we were thinking about where to go tonight.

    Hot dogs sounds good

  5. Dafuq??
  6. Im not too sure if its just a NY thing but anyone got a Famous Nathans around them?
  7. Ive never had a chicago hotdog, but i feel like i need to visit certain places, to try out their food that is suppose to be really good like what the man vs food guy gets to do, minus the painful shits

  8. I think i saw one in chatanooga TN, or it might have in georgia somewhere... i dont remember, its was somewhere between TN in FL though
  9. Where are you going to?

    If it's outside of Chicago or even the surroubding states, I imagine the style would be closely copied. Or a previous hotdog vendor took his family and business elsewhere. Ask the locals, ask the concierge if youre in a hotel, asking around can help more than an internet search, sometimes.

    But its a small chance itll taste like you want it to.
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    A friend and I thought it would be fun to go on a tour of the Chicago Vienna Hotdog Factory stoned. We wandered in and found out it was "NATIONAL HOTDOG DAY."
    We were instantly greeted by Steve Green, who founded "Foodie Chat" on Twitter. (note: i had never been on Twitter before). It was a live tweet? party which I found insanely funny...felt like i was in the Twight Zone, watching a room full of people not really 'interacting' with one another but on their cell phones. wtf? (im old, give me a break).
    anyway, im in this video. 3:57 (the only person standing up, not on my phone, not eating or tweeting..just drinking coffee...laughing my ass off.

    *I also got reamed asking for ketchup.
  11. I'm from Chicago but moved to Miami. There's only one place I know of in south Florida that has the real deal Chicago dog, neon relish and all. But, it's a Chicago themed restaurant and the owner is from Chicago and has most of the ingredients shipped from Chicago. No fucking decent deep dish anywhere though..

  12. yea, I've found other than a few states, alot of places have really horrible pizza.

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