Chicago smokers

Discussion in 'General' started by Weed&Cologne, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. only reg bud for me in chicago, if anyone can get some prime herb please msg me; im dying for sour diezel :(
  2. I live in Aurora. Plus, you can get some DANK if you know the right people.
  3. Chicago smoker here brahs! Here are some of the stuff I have:

  4. live in lake zurich on the nw side of the chi. chi bud is sick...!!!!!!!!
  5. downtown chicago right hereee
  6. fyeah, rogers park, but in evanston all the time.
  7. Lakeview right here! I'm right off the Belmont redline. I've been weedless for a while now tho. I just can't seem to find any ANYWHERE. for god sakes someone PM me and save my weekend.

  8. damn u gettin ripped off. where i live in the suburbs i get a half o for 60$
  9. wow im surprised you cant find anything in that area.
  10. Obvious lies. You are either getting shorted by about 50% or you are in direct contact with a grower.

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