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  1. I've seen a lot of ppl in Illinois on the City and I was just seeing if there's anybody near Chi-Town (I'm on NW side). I've been here for 9 months and met some couple cool ppl to smoke with but I'd like to meet more ppl in the smoking community. So, any smokers in Chicago?
  2. Always reppin that Chicago bud, my friend.

    Keep smokin.
  3. I'll rep the Chi but to be brutally honest...I haven't seen any amazing buds from the Windy City yet. Granted, the only connect I got is for $50 qtr/oz of mids. The price ain't bad but I just got back from a 2 week vacation in Hawaii (got family there) and I had some killer. This one strain, called Trainwreck, is one of the top 10 buds I've seen/smoked. I need to find stuff like that up here! Easy solution is to grow but it's not convenient for a "family man" in an apartment.
  4. chi chi here....indiana border though....i can get some killer in indiana too....i just had this shit that a retired amsterdam coffee shop owner grew himself. it was 200$$ a half o'
  5. Hey I don't live in Chicago, but who knows? Maybe I will one day and we'll meet and chill then?

    I'm in love with Chicago, by the way.
  6. Im on the NW side too. I live in the Schaumburg area, but starting september 18th, i'll be living and going to college in evanston.
  7. in im 20 min outside Chicago.....I've gone from having the best hookups to ZERO.....not very happy right now.....but Chicago bud can be pretty damn good if you meet the right one else in Lagrange?
  8. Greektown here (West Loop), heres some recent budshots I took of assorted stashes (I may have posted these in other chitown herb threads all insanely good)

    (Strawberry Kush)


    (Da Purps)

    Getting good herb is fucking tough in the Chi (sometimes), the key is not just creating contacts...but fostering and more importantly...KEEPING them.:D
  9. Damn those are some sexy buds NPS. I wish I could get something even half as good as that around here. That purp made my mouth water! It especially sucks 'cause I woke up late and had to rush to wake 'n bake. If there's anyone who's not too sketchy to meet up let me know 'cause this shit I got is full of seeds and it just isn't right.:eek: Oh, and I still haven't figured out how to get nice budshots like that. Is it because I use a digital camera? I mean it's 7.0MP but I'm thinking I need an SLR or something.

  10. Haha, thanks bro, unfortunetly, hookup ups are not allowed here, if they were I would smoke ya out anytime.:D Keep looking for buds, I think Chicago is sort of a strange market for weed. LOTS of middies and beasters, but if you stress to the guys you buy herb from that you are looking for the "exotics" (and you tell them you don't mind paying a bit more) eventually someone will bring you a name strain of trichome dankness. I took me a while to build up some good connects, the thing is, when they do bring me some legit Kush or Sour Diez or something, I make sure to set it as sort of a mental checkpoint with the a reference for future bags, so I can ask the dude how future sacks will compare. I am actually pretty close with some of my dope guys, so that always helps. A 7mp camera should be just fine for snapping pics of your herb,(Point and shoots are fine, DSLRS are better), if you get a chance throw up some pics, I can maybe give you some photo pointers.:D
  11. Didn't know ppl here couldn't meet bad. I've asked my guy about getting some killer but he's an old hippie and he likes his stoney indica-mids. I'll try to take some pics but I'll prob get -rep for how lackluster my supplies are. I've already determined I'd like to grow, but for now I live in an apt. with my wife and 2 kids. I dream of getting some Sour D (never tried it before). I just got a new bong 2 nights ago and it was kinda depressing having to fill the bowl with mids.
  12. lol I just had Sour D and the person I got it from wasn't aware it was Sour Diesel lol.
  13. yeah i second that motion anout bad mids in chi.....especially out south.....I always have to go WAAAAy out of my way to get sumn exotic....either that or I luck up on some shit....Im more of a smoker not a stoner so maybe thats why.....But I'm definitely on lookout now, thinkin of hangin out at some different places and crowds to find sumn colorful....Dont get me wrong, I get Diesel all the time but the trichomes I've been seein lately are ridiculous....It's not enough to see'em any longer.....Any suggestions where to go?
  14. right now its a living hell for me when it comes to bud..the only shit i can get is mids which im paying dank prices on ..but its all i can get now so theres nothing really i can do....hopefully my old guy will get back into selling or hook me up with a friend of his but until the looks like im sittin on a half oz of mids for 160....

    oh im in Lagrange by the way...southish westernish burbs...
  15. nw burbs

    chi-town baby!
  16. i live in joliet...pretty close to chicago
  17. i stay around Oak Park. I'm able to get some pretty good stuff around here, but yeah i've seen my fair share of mids too.
  18. Hopefully...the cold weather will bring us some of that Summer harvest....i've been running into some GREAT Grandaddy Purp in the South Burbs but I've gotta travel for it....and its like 20 bucks for a lil less than a gram....still lookin in the city tho....
  19. im in the chicago area. pick up some dank herb too. we just had some purple urkel and trainwreck come in a week or two ago. picked up some nice purple outdoor a few days ago.
  20. a city limit smoker so it pains me to drive so far....Im cool wit my guy out there tho so i'm taken care of....I need sumn in the city tho pm me

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