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Chicago prices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LongDong, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Ok, the situation is, im getting some money by tomorrow and i want to buy an 8th of some weed. The dealer sells beasters sometimes and fire sometimes. im going to ask him how much for an 8th because he only has 1 kind of weed at a time. I dont want to get ripped off here so does anyone know how much it is in chicago for some beasters or fires.
  2. in the suburbs of chicago its about 45-50 dollars for beasters maybe 60 for some really dank shit
  3. Its about 60 an 1/8 of dank in the northwest suburbs. I recently got a sweet hook up that gets me high mids for 80 a quad.
  4. that makes it kind seem like im getting ripped off because i usually buy his stuff for $25 a gram.
  5. Dude I live in the suburbs and I never pay more than $20 a gram. A few weeks back we had sour diesel and that was still only $20 a gram.
  6. dont pay over 50 for beasters yo. if its dank highest i'd go is 60.

    but i never pay over 40. =)
  7. i cant go to any suburbs and i have to buy it IN chicago, and the 2 dealers that sell the dankest stuff are both $25 a gram. i dont know how to find good dealers cuz my friends buy from those guys too.
  8. Well then it looks like it doesn't even matter what the price is. You're shit out of luck and will buy from him if you wanna get high.

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