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Chicago/Midwest Prices

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sas556, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. I've been goin to the same guy for a while and his shits good, real good. That said, I see ppl on here posting way lower prices than I'm getting, even when quotin danks. This guy gives me 8ths for 60 bucks, and quats for like, 110. I know his stuffs good, it varies from good mids to danks, but should I be getting lower prices? Any help from in the area (or wherever really), would be appreciated.
  2. im up in milwaukee so pretty close....and prices are about what you posted here too.

    usually 30/60 here for some nugs or 25/55 for good mids

  3. Wait, 8ths and quats or grams and 8ths?
  4. well, I'm just outside Detrioit, and unless you know someone good, the prices are about the same as yours. Personally, I think it's way to pricy. And, I need to find a better hookup.
  5. same...i see people here talkin about getting eigths of mids+ for 25-35, meanwhile im paying 50-60

  6. I live up in Evanston, with the occasional dip in Chicago, but that seems to be the standard for danks around here.
  7. Aight thanks for the help, just wanted to make sure my guy wasn't a total rip off. I don't know how these other guys get these bomb ass hookups, but I'm not too upset. For me at least, qualitys a much higher priority than price.
  8. those are pretty standard chicago prices... 20 for a dub, 60-65 for an 8th.
  9. yeah those are ok prices just make sure its headys and not tripps. ppl on here who say they are getting 8ths like 40 50 bucks it could be tripps cuz they are almost the same depending on how it looks smoke and smell all headys should have all 3 if it dont have 1 of the 3 it can be tripps which will drop the price 5 or ten bucks maybe even 15 20. i only smoke headys tripps have this funny taste
  10. Im alittle south of Chicago and depending on who i go to i pay 50 to 60 and 8th. Then usually 350 an oz.
  11. I'm in minneapolis and our really good weed goes for the same as yours, 60 for an eigth and 110 for the quad. Sometimes some really super bud comes in, there's a local grower who grows a strain called ice and that shit goes for 20 a gram. But that's rare one hit quit.
  12. Out here in Rockford we get a gram for $15, a half 8th for $25, and an 8th for $50.
  13. Im up in Green Bay and I pay:

    60 for dank nuggets
    50 for nuggets
    35 for Mids
    25 for Shwa

    8th prices

  14. yup yup this is true
  15. Same with me

  16. YO I LIVE IN EVANSTON TO. I pay 15 G, 45 eighth, 90 quad, 160 half, 300 zip

  17. Damn,I feel bad for you son...

    Nice man,I get the same prices for top shelf
  18. I live in Beloit, close to Rockford maybe 15mins away I think, prices are similar 15 to 20 a g half 8th 25 8th 50 quarter for a bill half for 170 or around that the whole thing for 325 to 350....

    I got a really good plug so I pay less then all that but that just he buys in big bulk so he gives me at cost prices since were like life long friends enjoy them 60 dollar quarters of drank but op prices around right, just keep looking for a good hookup it will come
  19. i live outside Detroit too(Macomb county) and I can get 8ths for 35 and halves for like 120 and this is without going to the city
  20. What is happening is, your street dealer is probably getting MMJ from Michigan and then jacking up the price. For god's sake, move to a MMJ state and get your card. You will be paying 45 an 8th for top shelf and 90-100 for a quat. There are some strains that look and smell dank, but they are mids for like 10 a gram. A street dealer will sell that same stuff for 20 a g.

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