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Chicago Marijuana Prices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by piece847, May 27, 2011.

  1. Please post me the prices of Mids and Dank.

    Half Ounce:

    Please post the prices for both mids and dank. Do not lie and post like an ounce for 50..
  2. Bump need information. Chicago area for a teenager in highschool prices please.
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    15g, 45 an 8th, 100 a quarter.

    Don't ever really have a need to pick up more, but 200 half, and 350 O.

    I've known my dealer for a while though.

    This is for north-west suburbs
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    How is an eigth $45 and a quarter $100? Wtf

  5. Because my dealer likes hooking up 8ths, and then raises prices more as he goes up...

    Idk, i usually just buy 8ths.
  6. Thats stupid ^^^
    But south west burbs
    G:20 8th:60 quad:100 haft:180 O:280
    And thats some dank ass shit!!!
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    So you're telling me you can buy 2 eigths for $90 but a quarter's $100. Tell your dealer to go back to math class..
  8. LMFAO!!!!!!:hello:
  9. average dank prices.
    Half Ounce:180-200

    average mid prices.
    Half Ounce:50
  10. g:20
  11. Does anyone have some real dank in Chicago but someone who's not taxing 1lbs
  12. cant ask for hookups on here man..and good luck getting a P around here that aint taxed now a days.when my colorado connect dried up and i went looking locally i couldn't find anything under 4k a pound,and the quality was merp...
    back when i had my colorado connect i was getting a pound for 3200...boy do i miss those days.
  13. i pay 20/g, 60/8th, 100/q, 180/half, 350/o. it's hard to find real dank around here though, i'm in Oak Park (near west subs)
  14. Yeah I feel u.. I was gettn it of my Guy for 3700 but then he started getting dro I Stop getting it off him ..im even willing to pay a little more aslong as is some dank
  15. cant get a hookup on weight anymore in chicago suburbs. really sucks
  16. I've never run into anyone sellin mids in the northwest suburbs, id like to find someone tho
  17. you would like to find mids? wtf? i get dense dank for 3500/lb, gets ya pretty baked on 2 hits. i only know 2 connects that got "one hit wonder", its expensive and hard to get but totally worth it. try to find a dealer that has a variety, most only have indica that gives you extreme couch lock. find somebody with a good hybrid. i will never smoke mids again, good bud gives you a high that is not only a lot stronger but way more enjoyable.
  18. Well I don't have a lot of money so id like to have a connect for mids when times are tough sometimes
  19. One of my buddies slangs mid that smoke like kush

  20. It really depends on your connect, but I can give you a range.
    1g: $20
    3.5g: $50-60
    7g: $90-100
    14g: $160-180
    28g: $300-360

    I never buy mids so I can't really help you on that, but these the prices I get out in Naperville/Bolingbrook area

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