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Chicago Madness, Green Crack Cush, OG Kush, Chemdawg...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nps4474@yahoo.c, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    Sorry guys, I can't remember what pics go with what strain, (I was pretty fuckin hazy during the shoot) This shit is all "legit", smells like the real deal (kush strains taste and smell so distinctive, pure dank), honestly, some of the best shit I have seen in chi-town for 07, (I have seen enough good beasters to know the difference) no doubt.:D ($120 a quarter)









  2. oh... my.... god.:eek:

    + rep
  3. holy shit
  4. Haha, thanks guys, I just torked a bowl of the stuff in the first picture (lime green goodness), one the things I notice is how the taste and smell of good dank lingers,...yum yum.:p I'm fucking wrecked.

  5. QFT. 'Nuff said!
  6. ya for sure dude...we need to become friends :hello:

    thats some of the nicest shit ive seen posted in a really long time, and good pics to btw, I like how theyre not all macros, some post only macros but i like seeing both up close and full frame shots

    maaan you gotta be ripped give rep but ive given you to much already it says. i want those nugs :(
  7. illinisbII, if hookups were allowed I would twist you a 3-strain mixed joint from the above, blow your mind bro,:D Thanks for the propers, way cool of you.
  8. im very jealous that shit prob tastes and smokes sooo good, thats some dankies
  9. Haha id steal it before it got to the him, and then give it back because that would be mean... but id definitely smell it first.

    That bud looks just so damn fuckin good. Honestly some of the best bud iv seen in a really long time.

    +rep for the awesome pics too
  10. that stuff is cured perfectly, looks soooooo good :)
  11. That is very good bud for the Chicago land area. I live in the North Western suburbs of Chicago and the weed around here is not nearly as good as your pick up.

    I'd love your number on my cell phone, haha.

    Keep on Shhmokin'
  12. isnt chemdawg just diesal? who cares though..... i would love ur everyday hookups. im from around the area and i only get those headies 3 times a month on average.....
  13. good looking herb. a nice selection pha sho
  14. u got a good ass camera
  15. dankness i love it
  16. good shit. i live a couple hours west of you and i get pretty much exactly what the last 2 kinds look like, i wish i got whatever is in the 2nd and 3rd pic BAD. +rep for a fellow midwester.
  17. Much love for my Chicago homies.

    After a minute "dry spell" where I smoked a little less than usual, I began picking up fucken kill.

    The bud I got yesterday and today was fucking incredible. Totally took me out of reality.

    I'm glad to see that our growers are caring and tending city-wide. Fantastic looking bud, and definitely representative of how good the marijuana growing industry has gotten in Chicago. Good pictures, and once again, much love.

    Keep smoking, Chi-Town.
  18. Wow man, that shit is unreal! I'm blown away.
  19. DUDE! I live in chicago and those are the EXACT buds that I am smoking!
  20. Im from the northern suburbs of chicago and the recent dank i have been picking up is almost identical to most of you pictures. There has been some good dank coming in my area lately.

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