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  1. Been noticing the last few days more and more and more chicago posters. Im just curious what parts of chicago do you all live? Im a little south of chicago in the burbs in Frankfort.
  2. I obviouslly aient from the Chi, I aient far though.

    I got my homie out there tho he holds it down out in the RG.

    Hes a rapper who goes by Satan165.
  3. My parents live in South Evanston...where I will be staying this summer. I need to find some solid hookups this summer so I can bring some weight back to Kansas in the fall...unfortunately I've lost contact with a lot of dealers I knew back when I lived there and went to High School there.
  4. i'm from the downers grove/lockport area.

    i've got great dank where i live but it's a little pricey sometimes.

    always worth it in my opinion.
  5. I am originally from Chicago, recently moved out here with my mom.

    I was from Schaumburg near the Hoffman Estates area.
  6. Willowbrook/ southwest burbs represent g money.

    If there's like 20 people from Chi we would get like a chicago smoke fest goin or some shit haha
  7. I'm out in Indian Head Park.
  8. ooh me and you need to talk im like 15 minutes from lockport just have to hit route 6

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