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chicago land headshops

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by carbonbmw, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Sup chicago land guys. I was thinking we should make a list of head shops in the IL area. There is a place called smokies in lindenhurst its far north suburbs, there is pipes and stuff and novelties and stuff both on clark st. downtown. Any others?
  2. Roxy's, Lombard IL (I Think), Right off North Ave.

    Novelties & Stuff, Chicago IL, Clark & Belmont
    Pipes & Stuff, Chicago IL, Clark & Belmont
    Secrets, Chicago IL, Clark & Belmont
    Amigo's, Chicago IL, Clark & Belmont

    Tobacco Plaza, Villa Park, Addison & North Ave.
  3. roxy's is good by north ave and 355
  4. Adams Apple-
    6229 N California Ave, Roger's Park
  5. whats the best head shop in Chicago you guys think?
  6. There are 4 head shops within a block of Belmont & Clark in Chicago. That will be the largest selection of bongs, bowls, chills, and everything else tobbacco related.
  7. well, i was always a big fan of amigo's. they're all really nice inside and they've got some other cool shit inside. very grateful dead oriented.

    a couple doors north is secrets, which i went to yesterday to replace my bong. i got an 18 incher (glass) for 65 bucks. its not GonG but it gets the job done just as well (i think). secrets also carries illadelph, roor, phx, lux, and a few others. theyre also getting a new shipment of illadelphs next week with some dope colors.

    both of these shops are on clark (east side of the street) just north of belmont.
  8. yeahhh chicago has awesome headshops!!! just go to secrets me and my friends make it a habbit to go there once a week lol. they kinda know us already so they give us AWESOME deals (3 roors countless bowls jars etc) anyway its on belmont and clark next to a hookah bar lol
  9. Head to Tokecity, they've got a National Headshop Directory.
  10. cloud nine in mchenry on pearl street and big papas joint in woodstock great pieces and prices...
  11. secrets is amazing. i have along with my friends bought over 5000 dollars in glass/periph from them. aslong as u r straight, they hook it up!
  12. Roxy's by North Avenue
  13. your best bet is adams apple for selection because all of the belmont area shops are pretty much the same

  14. i live in roselle ill and if any1 has a bong that they can sell to me and can drive to roselle text me letting me know 13122139450
  15. The Belmont and Clark shops are too similar, I think youll be best with Adams Apple off of California
  16. Does anyone have the address to roxy's?
  17. Secrets sucks, way too expensive. Most of the employees there are dick heads and hardly offer any help to the customer/hover over you when looking at stuff. I've got a few pieces from there that have broken pretty easily, just a rip off store in my book.

    The two best headshops I've been to in IL are the Highway (Belmont and Harlem) and Sight n' Sound (Cass ave and Ogden). The Highway is amazing price wise and they always hook you up there. Say you drop $50 on a nice spoon, the guy there will tell you to go get a pouch for the bowl for free. They run some great sales there and you can always talk the guys down in price if you're running low on money. They got a sick selection of papers too. But they really shine when it comes to their bong collection.

    Sight N' Sound is your classic hippie kind of headshop. The front half of the store is all incense/t-shirts/CD's/scales/posters/detox drinks/buttons/ pins/ etc. The back room of the store is all bowls/hookah/papers/wraps/etc. They have a good little selection of bowls and they specialize in chillums. Their paper selection is bar none the best I've seen in the state. Cyclones in every flavor, juicy J papers, Juicy wraps in every flavor, tasty puff, so many different papers.

    I say you check one of those two stores out, for a modest $30 you could walk out of either with a nice new piece, or a shit load of papers/screens/ other goodies.
  18. They have the Highway on Harlem just before Belmont. Right next to the strip malls. Its way west though like 7100 W and 3300 N.

    Secrets and all those other shops are so damn expensive though. I got someone who I know up on the north side who blows glass so I get the same pipes for a fraction of the price.
  19. would any of these places sell to someone under 18? or are they pretty strict about that
  20. theres a bunch around Belmont and clark.
    another good one is mr smokes by Lincoln and Fullerton. they have a real nice selection of colorful and cool looking shit.

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