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Chicago Blue Dream

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DougJ, May 7, 2011.

  1. Hey GC, This is some super bomb Blue Dream that I grabbed. Super strong smoke. One of my favorites this year. Pictures don't do this complete justice. Super Sticky.

    Smell: Overwhelming hazey piney, fruity smell. Stinks up my room before I even smoke it.

    Taste: Similar to the smell very hazey, with some hash undertones. I cant get enough of this flavor!!!

    High: Strong creeper, very strong cerebral high with a nice addition of body warmth. It is a medium-long lasting high for me, usually gets me super stoned for 2 hours from one joint. Completely relieved my anxiety and put me in a creative buzz, great for playing music.

    Price: $120-Half Ounce

    Still trying to figure out my camera for better pics, so the lighting and quality are not great. :smoke:




  2. fuck im jealous. hands down my favorite strain
  3. Great strain.. great price. You seem to be winning, sir.
  4. damn. nice price dude and the bud looks great. :hello:
  5. looks really tasty, try using the macro setting on your camera if you aren't will help the picture quality, keep hazin'
  6. thats the dream fasho
  7. very nice man
  8. yea this shit just got to naperville yesterday....its some gooooooood shit.
  9. everyones getting their hands on this, its a great smoke thats forsure. i picked up an eighth and smoked it all in a day, really fucking dank. excellent pickup my friend. it has a very berry-like, fruity smell to it, absolutely delicious.
  10. Very nice. There's been alot of blue dream in the chicagoland area for about the last year or so.
  11. damn you guys are fucking lucky! In Kankakee you cant find shit but no name dank! and Bobby Brown :mad:
  12. Looks great man, and looks similar to the blue dream I had recently in Georgia. Sweet price too.

  13. :( need to take a drive out to the Chi area friend
  14. Hey everyone, sorry I got really medicated and forgot that I even uploaded this:eek:
    Thanks for all the respect!:smoke: It is for sure one of my favorite strains. This was actually drove in from the willamette valley by my buddy who lives in oregon. I love the dream-cant get enough of it. It has been everywhere, i am glad a whole lot of people have been able to enjoy this mighty fine strain.
  15. Yea this has been a great year in chicago for dank. I also got some other funk from oregon that I am going to take pictures of and I will post hopefully soon.
  16. very nice! love that pricing as well. Hopefully I can get my hands on some of the chi blue dream this summer. I had a steady supply last summer and it was amazing!
  17. This is my number 1 most favorite strain, and because of that, I never see any where im at. I did about 2 months ago, was fantastic. The taste is so distinct for me. The high is my favorite 80/20 ish sativa. And if im not mistaking, its a clone only strain.

  18. Thanks man, I love this stuff, I cant wait for another chi summer:smoke:

    I love this strain, it is in my top 3 for sure. Yea this batch is definitely around a 80/20 or 75/25 sativa. Im getting sad my stash is getting low...:(

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