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Chicago Blackhawks

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by ChiiDank, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Who else is from Chicago and loves the hawks? Nothings better then s
    smoking up and watching a game. Go Hawks!
  2. hell yea man dats the same shit i do.:smoking:Light up and watch Patrick KANE score some goals :hello:
  3. Not a fan of them but that was an incredible finish to this afternoon's game.
  4. I'm a Rangers fan, but I liked watching Patrick Kane in the Olympics.... He did fucking great for a young guy. I'm pulling for the hawks this year though, i think they deserve it
  5. ^was at the game^

    i've been a Blackhawks fan ever since I knew what hockey was. my dad worked for the hawks in their accounting department and did various other tasks for them such as putting scouting reports into easy to read excel graphs, he used to go to the players homes and fix their computers and what not, ive been to countless amounts of games throughout the years

    fantastic team to watch when they are at the top of their game:D
  6. yeah bros great to see some hawks fans on here! nothin i love more then blazin up an kickin back and watchin a sick game.. lets win the cup!!!
  7. Overrrrateeddd...

    They got some young guys with talent, but I'm a wings fan.

    Hard to say that tonight and its my birthday:mad:
  8. Canucks ftw!

    Lol, I don't care who wins this series, I picked the Canucks or Blackhawks from the West for the Cup. SO they better destroy SJ!

    Oh shit! You must've hated this night's game. SJ is killing you guys.

  9. ha sorry to hear that man.. tough loss for the wings tonight, but you guys have won the cup alot time to give some other team the fame, but anyways happy birthday bro hope it was good for the most part!
  10. Hey guys didn't catch the game tonight any wings fans wanna let me know the score thnx <33

  11. Im not a wings fan by any means but they lost 2-0 and are now down 0-3 in the series..
  12. It wasn't 2-0. That was the Pittsburgh-Canadiens game.

    It was 4-3 OTL. Sharks had quite the comeback.
  13. FUCK YEAH, GO HAWKS. Can't wait for game 3 tomorrow. This series is probably going 7. Should be crazy.

    Our captain is a fucking tank.
    Jonathon Toews
  14. How unfortunate a 3-0 deficit the wings will not come back from this one guys boo-hoo
  15. Pavelski would work Toews come on nowww
  16. Gotta love the Sharks fans coming out of the woodwork, how quickly they forget that they were playoff choke artists until this year.
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    Gotta love the jealous Red Wings fan seeing his beloved franchise being dismantled before his eyes while my sharks will only get better :(

    You should take a look at our roster, it's pretty good. Too bad your division rival now has your boy Hossa
  18. You got me man, I'm so jealous of all those Stanley Cups you guys have...oh wait? You don't have any? Damn that must blow.
    I know you guys are kicking the Wings asses right now, but once the young guns get developed to replace our aging defensemen (Lidstrom, Rafalski) we'll be back on top. The Wings have the best management in the NHL, the only first rounder on their roster is Kronwall. That speaks volumes to their development and drafting.

    And I'm definitely not worried about Hossa, he's a non factor in the playoffs, just like he was for the Wings last year.

  19. lmfao oh yeah man i get my shit all confused.. i was so baked watching both games lol. but what a bad loss for the wings.. being up 3-1 going in to the 3rd and just blowing it
  20. For fuck sake you guys are an original NHL team. I don't give a fuck about your cups right now cause you guys aren't winning another for a long while. See you next year when Hossa will win another div. title with the hawks...

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