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(Chicago) Bag of Green Crack

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by metalhead1, May 15, 2010.

  1. Nice pickup! sexy buds...... :bolt:
  2. damn good pickup..theres none of that shit where im from...sigh..
  3. Looks amazing, btw, Decapitated ftw

    You goin to Summer Slaughter this year?

  4. absolutely

    the smell is awesome, very spicy.

  5. yeah ill be going.

    should be interesting how they sound live without vitek/vogg on vocals.
  6. that is my new desktop on my compter and very nice bud and signature DECAPITATED
  7. Been alot of that floatin' around chi latley, along with blue dream, hindu kush and alot of purps
  8. Yea chicago's been getting some especially dank shit lately. My dealer had Green Crack this week too, I wonder if its the same batch as this(in a suburb of Chicago) because it was soooooo fire.

  9. I live in Illinois as well and I've had this strain....just wondering but have you gotten any ak-47, mr nice guy, or strawberry cough?? Because I bought all those strains a long with some green crack..

  10. i havent been able to run into any of what you listed. recently its been og kush, bubblegum and then this green crack.

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