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(Chicago) Bag of Green Crack

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by metalhead1, May 15, 2010.

  1. looks like some fuckin

  2. damn thats some really good looking bud man. looks just like some green crack i had a wile a go. light a bong for me!:bongin:
  3. looks real nice homie! i can almost picture how it smells. i'm a Chi-kid too. my dealer's got a grower. i been coppin mad blue dream, og kush, pineapple OG, silver haze, and this shit called lavender that's like a cross between several of his strains :smoke:

    gotta love that Chi-town selection though dude.
  4. I think I may have to become a crack addict. :ey:

  5. you & the op. what the fuck part of chicago are you guys from & how can i get some dank shit like this. fuck. lmao. all these little fucks that i know that deal only have that shwagg shit.

    the northside sucks...

    fuck you rogers park. fuck you.
  6. lol i'm in Bucktown homie. but i gotta drive 30-45 min to see my guy. and he drives like 2 hours to see his.
  7. HOLY SHIT. ive been looking for some around here and every one think i mean green CRACK not bud. how much did u pay. and nice bud
  8. gorgeous looking buds man.. +rep enjoy that shit!

  9. 65/8th

    Thanks alot, im going to turn the vape on and have a nice session:wave:
  10. that's fuckin sexy.
  11. I get dank stuff from the south/west sides.
  12. I'm in the suburbs and a guy I was tokin with a few weeks ago had Green Crack. I wonder if its the same batch.
  13. Wow, I have that same exact shit. Gotta love Chicago.
  14. I would love to have my hands on that right now. I've only had a half oz of Green Crack but damn I wanted and want more.
  15. I guess "green crack" is wats goin around right now. seems as tho thats the name strain on everyones tongue recently. I just wonder if its legit or if thats just the name thats going around. cause i know most of us dont get directly from growers so we have to believe the strain name from the person selling it(trying to make money).

  16. i understand what you mean

    the reason i go through this connect is to get buds like this, which im almost positive is correct since ive picked up several times before with a good outcome
  17. Nice, has a weird smell to it right? smells nothing like kush.

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