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  1. So I was gettin some grub after school one day at a chic-fil-a near my house, and here comes waltz'in in 2 guys that reeeeeek of weed.

    So i just chuckle to myself and don't really pay much attention. I order my food and stand back and wait for it, and these guys walk up and order the 10 person Catering style Nugget package, it's like 80 nuggets, and then 2 large fries.

    I seriously cracked my ass up at the look at the guy workin the register, he was like yeah sure, let me get my manager.

    haha i didn't stay long enough to see if they actually got it, but it was funny none the less
  2. Haha, gotta love those moments.

    Or when you go to the gas station late-night to get a dutch, and you see some random people/ people you know walking out with one.

    Random Stoner crossings are great.
  3. I'd be pretty angry if I were one of those kids and that cashier went to get the manager then the manager refused to sell me what I ordered. There's no need to get the manager when I'm ordering a lot of food...

    Chic-fil-a sounds really good right now, too.
  4. I don't believe MN has any of these Chic-fil-as, wtf are they? Different kind of Popeye's?
  5. Hahahaha I was at Subway and 3 or 4 kids came in red-eyed as hell and stinking of the herb. They ordered a party platter, the lady told them it would be 45 minutes or something so instead they each just got 2 double-meat footlongs each.

    The look on the lady's face was awesome.
  6. They don't really sell fried chicken in the same sense that Popeyes does. They pretty much only sell chicken sandwiches/chicken nuggets. No actual pieces of chicken (ie breast, wing, thigh, etc...). Apparently they were the first to "do" the chicken sandwich.
  7. chick-fil-a breakfast is the besssst dude. haha.
  8. holy shit. now i gots to get a chicken biscuit with hashbrowns tomorrow from there. it's soo good. haha i woulda asked if i could join in the feast.
  9. monday is free chicken strips day here, just wear a sports jersey and youll get them ;]
    i fucking love chic fil a
  10. if ur gunna get a biscuit u gotta get grape jelly on it its soo fuckin good with the chicken fuckin try it u wont be let down
  11. Haha i love seeing random stoners walking into places just blazed outta there mind, Thats how i met like half my friends :smoking:

    Toke happily

  12. all i know is, chic-fil-a is fuckin dank. they recently built one around here a couple years ago. i have only had it a couple times but i remember they brought to my schoola cooler of free chicken sandwiches with pickles and it was ungodly
  13. lol chik fil a is awesome

    when i was in hs i smoked before school and we stopped at mcdonalds to get a drink and i ordered a 'big ass lemonade'. thats exactly what i got too.. then i walked into 1st hour 15 minutes late.

  14. aww mang!! of course i do! only way to eat it really. haha

    and at my highschool, they ALWAYS sold chik-fil-a chicken biscuits every morning. 2 bucks for one but soooo worth it after my daily wake and bake before school. SO WORTH IT I TELL YA!!
  15. On moday this week I cut behind this strip mall to get to work faster. Sometimes when I walk by theres people having a smoke on their break, but on monday i heard some laughing and there was this twentysomething mexican dude just sitting against the wall in a chair with a joint and was laughing like he was insane. I still dont know what the hell he was smoking. Either crack or some really good bud.:D
  16. It's good, but they're a little to religious for my taste.

    I always crave nuggets on Sunday afternoon, usually after a rough Saturday night. They're not open on Sundays, though. It's Jesus's day.

  17. Chic fil a is ovvvveerrrraaatttteeeddd
  18. Yeah i have had those cravings on a Sunday too. Sucks. Back in the day all stores used to be closed on Sunday, Chick-fil-a just decided to keep with that tradition. Oh well. I go there for the food not the religion.
  19. Haha that doesn't sound too appetizing right off the bat, but then again neither did ranch dressing on pizza, and God what a revelation that was for me! :hello:

    There's a Chic-Fil-A on campus here, only a hundred feet or so from where I'm sitting. I used to get one of those spicy chicken cool wraps every day but I began to lose my taste for em, especially after I always kept getting ones that were soggy...that shit is disgusting :(
  20. Ha nice. I work at a pizza place here in town that's directly next to a gas station and we share a parking lot. I constantly see people sitting in their cars licking blunts and there's always blunt guts in the parking lot, and I'd say one in three or four people who come into our pizza shop either smell like weed or look high. I guess that's what happens in a student neighborhood in a college town hah.

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