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Chi-Town Bud Reports

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JayRadical10, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Anyone in the Chi pick up any sick shit lately? All I know is I just came across some of the Sweetest smelling stuff I've ever bought! haha makes me almost not wanna smoke it....Almost.:smoke:
  2. damn there are so many chi-towns

    enjoy it!
  3. dude, you fucking KNOW i picked up some bombass shit. My guy came across some Northern 1/8 lasted me 2 weeks. 2 hits got me fucking blown. after a bowl i was completely destroyed. Light green, compact buds just drinpping crystals. the first thing to hit ya is the smell. smells a little spicy with tones of pine in there. Crystals are medium sized, but there is no shortage on any part of any of the buds. long, straight orange hairs the were prickly looking with crystals. The high was a heavy but by no means unbearable couchlock, with noticable sativa effects too. Also, right behind the eyes. Lasts for hours with what seems like an hour and a half peak. High just kinda hits ya. not too hard, but gets ya by fucking baked! same shit, firsthand account. Toked under the moonlight. i was in complete bliss. Peace ya'll.
  4. Gotta love the windy city! I hate when I get the shit that looks good you dont want to smoke, but I only get that feeling a few seconds then its smokey smoke time!

    tokin under the moonlight is cool, if your a person like me it makes the whole life thing alot better, appreciate the outdoors and its beautiful sky, plus seeing a shooting start as soon as you exhale makes it all the better...;)

    while your jamming eagles- hotel california
  5. Man I ALWAYS got that shit that looks so good you don't want to smoke it.

    Then you do want to smoke it, cause it gets you ripped.

  6. i like how you put that. i love chitown headies!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Sounds like you got the same exact bud as me. It didn't last me two weeks though. Lol. The night I got it I rolled about a 2 gram blunt and went and saw Pineapple Express. I only got maybe quarter a bowl left for Saturday. That bud is some creeper though.

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