Chi Energy, Moving People Without Touching them

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  1. Does any1 know what i am referring to? Chi also has a lott of other names...

    nut anyways, im currently working on moving people using just chi, i can make chi balls and can push it at people and they do feel heat or cold they feel the energy.

    does any1 know what im talking about? can any1 do this?

    thoughts comments?

  2. Dragon ball z!!!!
  3. "Chi spelled backward is Crap!"
    - Perry DeAngelis

    National Geographic has tackled this one

    Among many others.

    There was also that Chi master who goaded that he could strike himself with a blade and be unharmed being protected by chi... but when he actually tried it, he ended up digging the blade a couple inches into his forearm.
  4. Chi is merely a being's life force/energy, nothing magical about it, it's as common as dirt.

  5. Greetings Sam_Spade,

    Would you care to explain to me breaking bricks with this technique? How about moving people who do not know what is happening, they are unaware that someone is doing this to them?

    Also, it seems there is another part to the video, i can not seem to find, do you have it?

    Yours Truly,


  6. You don't need chi to break bricks. Lots of other martial art disciplines do the same thing without the idea of chi.

    You're going to have to be a little more detailed with that claim. I don't know what you're talking about.

    It's a portion of a television series. It has a copyright, so you're better off looking it up through more legitimate channels.

    I appreciate you asking questions. I respect inquisition. I'm curious though, what did you think of the subject matter of the video? Do you have a response?
  7. heh, its nice to finally have a little chat with you man, iv read your posts and there always good, been wondering wen we would cross GC paths:p

    Well, in the video, the "master" states he does this at Starbucks, i meen, using chi energy to move people sideways or even push them over without them knowing. That way, there is no "anticipation" of whats going to happen. Also, how can you really describe the feelings i get in my body and in my hands wen i make a chi ball? is that just my mind?

    I am seperating this, because i cant back this up whatsoever, just by word of mouth

    my teacher said that it has been proven by sum scientists that chi is everywhere we breath it its everything, it hold atoms and molecules together.

    i really am EXTREMELY skeptical about that statement but i thought i should toss it in.


  8. Ive made a chi ball before pretty cool actually I havent done it in a while.
  9. Yeah you too, I've seen you around a lot lately.

    Well there is equally no evidence of it either.

    I can't really make conclusions about something I can't observe or even gather information on.

    It could easily be, yes. Humans are very good at decieving themselves. Our brains are essentially expectation-generators and we can manifest sensations, even hallucinations when we expect something.

    Humans can even go as far to manifest disease with their mind. They are called psychogenic symptoms.

    I am seperating this, because i cant back this up whatsoever, just by word of mouth

    Your teacher would be absolutely incorrect. There is no evidence of "Chi".

    The four physical forces hold atoms and molecules together.

    I appreciate the skepticism :)

  10. You have practically changed my view on this.:) not entirely but i look at it very differently

    What do you have to say about the end of the video where the "master" says it didnt work because you could have your toes up or sum shit

    sounds like in excuse to me but w,e


    i got a feelin it aint ur real name


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