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  1. I'm trying to quit smoking so I have moved down to chewing tobacco and I'm just wondering how anyone that does it, does it while they're driving. This probably sounds like a retarded question but, when I'm at home it's not a problem, there's always something near to spit in, a bottle or can on my sidetable. To people that chew while they are driving do they always remember to bring something to spit in or do they just spit out their window, because I find it hard to spit going down the highway without getting it on my windows lmao
  2. Dip cup son and a paper towel do work son!
  3. idk why people smoke ciggs when they can smoke pot...
    try smoking with blunts.
  4. My car doubles as a trash can so there's always an empty bottle somewhere.
  5. I don't understand the comparison. Cigarettes and weed are nothing alike.
  6. I am almost about to puke thinking of a spit cup because my friend was super thirsty after smoking and there was nothing to drink so he drank the spit cup shit. God.
  7. Did he not realize what it was?

    I've done that before by accident, it's like an insta-puke projectile vomit type deal.
  8. yeah, I'd quit chewing before you get into trouble if I were you...I started when I was like 14 (I smoked cigs for about 8 months prior to that). I pushed through the puking and shit, and next thing I knew I was chewing a damn ton.

    It's almost 6 years later and I'm still hardcore addicted to chewing. It's easier to chew than to smoke a cig (can be done anywhere, anytime)...The bad part is, I'm not a redneck or anything, and people are surprised (and not in a good way) when I whip my can out..the shit's just diiiiirty. Tobacco sucks, and we all need to boycott the shit lol.
  9. Dips gross bro. Just roll spliffs and everytime you roll use a little more ganj and a little less tobacco till you're pretty much smoking j's. From there I'd move on to patches or nicotine gum if you still can't quit. Good luck
  10. Yeah, I've sipped a spitter before... I gagged before the liquid even hit my mouth, the smell was enough to trigger the reaction.

    I found out that Wintergreen doesn't make it better.

  11. just bring a bottle to the car, gatorade is great cuz it's got a big area to spit in. But if your dipping because you're quitting smoking then that's a problem. Dip has loads more nicotine in it than cigarettes, you're digging yourself a deeper hole. i do however enjoy i nice dippidy dap every once in a while, great after smokin a blunt
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    First off, as a user of both cigs and chew/snuff, downgrading to quit doesn't really work. I've never met anyone who has ever successfully done it, because ultimately you're just trying to bypass the "addiction" phase.

    Switching to chew to quit smoking usually just leads to even greater tobacco use, because now when you relapse and start smoking situations where you can't smoke (planes, meetings, etc), you just resort to dip instead. I've gotten to points where I'd step outside, smoke, then step inside, and toss a dip in.

    Dipping is probably overall healthier than smoking, admittedly. Your chances of mouth/throat/stomach problems goes up, but your chance of lung cancer and such goes down. It's safer in some ways, more dangerous in other ways....but the MAIN way it's more dangerous is JUST LIKE SMOKING....once you develop a taste for dip/chew.....its a brand new habit.

    You simply cannot replace a bad habit, with another bad habit, and end up happy about it.

    Otherwise, yes. Spit bottles. Bring a cup or bottle with you, that is empty to spit in. You can basically dip ANYWHERE, if you have a spit bottle. In some situations you might have to be more discreet about it, but otherwise, you can dip/chew in far more situations than you can smoke.....making it almost more dangerous heh.

    I'd say if you're goal is to quit smoking.....looking into Zyban and Chantix. Their success rate is low, but I've taken zyban a few different times in my life, and quit smoking each and every time. The fact that I start what gets me.....

    I do dip still...but only when I cannot smoke. It's enjoyable in the way smoking is, but I can already tell sometimes that it's messing up my gumline.....

    Edit: I know 4 people who were routine smokers, who have basically quit. By "Quit".....I'll say at least 1 year without nicotine. 3 of them used zyban. One of them quit cold turkey. I have never met anyone ever, who quit by "changing" the type of nicotine....... The drug is still the same.

    The patch is useful, but it's about 90% placebo effect, so if your a strong willed person, go for it. The gum.....I never met anyone who quit on gum......instead of lighting a cigarette everytime you get the urge, you chew a piece of equally as expensive nasty tasting gum........I imagine after a week or so of gum, you're just ready for a cigarette. The patch is slightly effective as I said, but only because it helps with physical withdrawls....which is something you eventually have to just tough it out and go through.....

    The real problem with quitting smoking is quitting long term. If 900 people quit on zyban, about 880 of them start again eventually.....

    That's where you have to isn't the drug itself that is addictive....but the lifestyle, the habits...etc.

    Good luck bro. I'm still working on quitting too
  13. thats the point why ciggs when theres weed?
  14. He's saying that if your smoking and damaging your lungs anyways that you may as well smoke weed....

    OP: Stop chewing man. Chicks think that shit is disgusting, unless your into dikes that chew :rolleyes: But seriously, mouth cancer and yellow teeth are not something that people find attractive
  15. Uh, yeah, you're right. One is riddled with toxic chemicals, is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths every year, and is one of the most addictive substances known to man.

    The other is Cannabis.

    Any questions?
  16. bring a water bottle or two so you have a drink.. until you start spitting haha.
  17. He never asked for a comparison of the two.....

    They're totally different drugs. In fact, more people smoke cigarettes now, I bet, than if weed was illegal.

    Cigs. Dad smokes them. Legal. Much more hand to hand advertisement.

    They're're 15, why not try them?

    It's very easy to get addicted to cigs. What could people smoke instead of cigs? Weed.....which is illegal, frowned upon, and even has an entire culture of people opposing it......

    I started drinking alcohol, cause everyone else did it. I started smoking, to get a better feel while I was drinking.

    I firmly believe, if I had just stuck with weed, instead of delving off into the other more "legal" drugs...I wouldn't be a smoker, or admittedly an alcoholic today.

    But weed is hard to get, impossible for some people, and of course the media makes it seem like a horrible horrible instead of smoking a joint once or twice a week.....I switched to getting drunk once or twice a week.

    I drink, I get into fights, have hangovers, and overall act retarded. I smoke weed....I just fucking play video games and chill.
  18. My question is how do you switch from cigarettes to only weed when weed doesn't give you any of the satisfaction a cigarette would?

    That was my point, they are completely different - substituting one for the other doesn't make any sense at all.
  19. Rolling spliffs and gradually increasing weed content in the spliff until you were smoking 100% weed. Very gradually though, cold turkey is not good.
  20. Original post was about chew.

    Secondly, when I smoke weed, I smoke FAR FAR FAR less cigarettes.

    Weed has been prescribed as an alternative to smoking cigs. Largely cause while you're high you can focus on things differently than you do normal......secondly......cause when you're high you realize just how stupid smoking cigs is.

    I never QUIT, on weed, and admittedly, loved a cig right after blazing. But I promise you, it is easier to quit dumb shit like smoking, when you are high :)

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