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Chewing Marijuana? Lmao

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CrossGore, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Okay this is probably a Really dumb question but today at work i was just thinking....

    If tobacco is used a lot like the way marijuana is... Can you chew marijuana

    Just like chewing tobacco...
  2. I'm sure you could, but that would be entirely a waste of precious smokables.
  3. Ya I think try it lol
  4. You cant chew it and get high. but i heard if you put the stems in your gums while their bleeding you can get the thc into your bloodstream
  5. I would not see any reason you could not? It is safer than chewing tobacco for sure. It can be used most any way?
  6. Of course you cant just pull it out of your grinder and chew it...

    i mean what if you went through the process like you were making chewing tobacco...

    i mean it would be so much easier to use discreetly
  7. Why could you not chew it and get high? You would be ingesting THC just as you would an edible? maybe I am far more clueless than I thought?:confused:
  8. Needs to reach a certain temp before THC is activated.

  9. what is that temperature? o_o

    i am REALLLLY interested now haha
  10. Haha not to sound like a dick but i hate when people think this. the only reason you get high from edibles is because when you make cannabutter, the thc is released during the proccess. eating it straight up doesnt do shit. same reason you dont just add weed to the brownie mix. hahaha

  11. Wtf dude?? That is just so unconventionall, honestly who fucking figured that out? Dude needs to see a therapist or something...
  12. You can easily just add weed to brownie mix to make edibles.....wouldnt be as efficient but would work forsure as you are still cooking it.
  13. You could but you wouldn't feel anything from it. The weed has to be heated so the THC releases.

    And that would waste a ton of weed plus money.
  14. In a tincture there is no heat. Granted the dose consumed is minimal compared to cookies or brownies. But I can not believe that there would be no THC consumed from chewing it for an extended period of time?

  15. No. It needs fats to work. Like peanutbutter or butter or nuttela or olive oil.

    There is no exact temperature that thc releases.

    And no. You cannot chew marijuana for a high.

    You could chew it as a alternative to tobacco, though.

    Answered all your questions?
  16. Ok, THC is NOT water soluable. You will NOT get anywhere from chewing, eating, swallowing ect..... However THC is fat soluable and heat expedites this process. THC is also alcohol soluable. This is why tinctures work. So your options are either wait for it to disolve into the fats and oils or cook it. Or you could wait for the alcohol direction.
  17. I mean if you swallow weed then after it's digested it would absorb into the bloodstream wouldn't it? It doesn't need fat to get in the bloodstream I've gotten high off of eating hash before. You would get a little buzz depending on the amount. Also, can chemicals be absorbed through the tongue? Or somehow that way? What about chewing tobacco it gets into the bloodstream.

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