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    To start this off, for those that don't partake in smokeless tobacco, if you don't have anything nice to say, than please don't say anything. We have heard all your warnings and your uneducated comments before. Thank you.

    Hey guys and gals, I was just wondering how many blades use smokeless tobacco and what do you enjoy? Dip, Chew , Snuss ? I prefer to dip and I prefer Copenhagen : Wintergreen, Strait, LC or just about any kind besides the fine cuts. I also don't mind skoal too much but I find it a lot less moist and the nicotine content just doesn't seem as strong (IMO). I also enjoy general's snuff from time to time and I have a large amount of different nasal snuffs on stock for when I care to have some of that. Let me hear what you prefer!

    EDIT: This is what I have on had as of NEW YEARS EVE​


    Skoal Spearmint
    Skoal Citrus (Gives me bad heart burn)
    Cope LC
    Cope Snuff (Very hard for me to keep centered and tight in lip due to being so short cut)
    Cope straight
    Stokers Wintergreen tub
    2 rolls of Cope wintergreen
    Bag of Beech nut wintergreen
    Silver dollar nasal snuff raspberry
    Silver Dollar nasal snuff spearmint
    2 cans of General Snuff Wintergreen.

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  2. Funny story about nasal snuff. My friend doesnt have any hair and he tried it and basically inhaled it to his lungs lol. But ive been buying a can or 2 a month any long cut is good. My dad dipped Fine cut for the longest time and I still dont know how he does it Its horrid
  3. Also by far my favorite is stoker straight. Its a fricken tub of rub
  4. does that stuff taste good?
  5. Its honestly personal preference. I smoke for years and then switched to smokeless tobacco. I honestly think that if you are going to use a form of nicotine, smokeless is the way to go but its again, varies person to person. I wouldn't suggest starting off with anything like grizzly or any cheaper kinds. Skoal, even though not my first choice has a lot of 'easier' flavors to handle like citrus, berry, cherry, spearmint. It takes some time to get use to but really it isn't that bad. If you have routine check ups at the dentist, you'll be OK. It does bother my gums from time to time but when I was smoking, I couldn't lay in bed without coughing so there are bads to both ends.
  6. I was definitely labeled in classy when I started filling but I loved it don't really do it anymore don't know why, but mostly moving back to the tri state from FL. I loved Copenhagen or Skoal in anything minty, tasted and felt so good. I spit a lot already so it was normal for me. I hate pre-packaged bullshit I want to form my own dip thank you very much.
  7. I work outside in the summer. Maintaining property, mowing it, ect. So, I dip all work day.

    Come September, job ends, I usually stop all together. I do use snus occasionally, it's pretty enjoyable, good for weaning yourself off nicotine if you're trying to stop, smoking included.
  8. Stokers is a bit too long cut for me, it balls up in my mouth and I can't get anymore juices from it after just a few minutes. I have tried the wintergreen and mint, but not the straight. I have been dipping more Cope straight lately.

    But you really can't beat the tub of stokers for the price. In my area I but the tub which is equal to 10 cans of cope, for only $10. Def. something I dip when I'm low on cash .
  9. Cope wintergreen over here. Been trying to kick the habit though
  10. I'm a grizzly wintergreen guy, been chewing and smoking for 12 years and the dentist says he can't even tell besides a little rough patch in my lip. Ive tried quitting but its a hell of an addiction, worse than smoking imo.
  11. I have 2 rolls of cope wintergreen in my freezer now. I always keep it on hand its my brand of choice as well but I find it a bit rougher on my mouth that some other brands like Stokers or even skoal.

    Are you trying to quit due to Soreness or just trying to better yourself in loosing a 'bad habit'? Just wondering because I have only been dipping for a bout a year now and would like some insight.

    I think moving the shit around from side to side is what bothers the hell out of my gums. My bottom canine teeth occasionally hurt from placing in directly on top of the gums and applying force with my lip.
  12. Yeah mine goes in the same spot every time, I have a little pocket in my lip I guess you could say haha. If I don't pit it in that spot it feels weird and falls apart easy
  13. I keep mine in the same spot also. I never bother moving it around ever. Bottom right pack.

    I'm a straight kinda guy though. Grizz Straight is my go-to since it's price, plus I perfer it over skoal anyways.

    Cope pouches though are so win. If the store has em, and they're not $4.
  14. Cope is rough as heck on the gums, and I've been on and off for the past 4 years or so. I wanna stop because its a pain in the ass with spitters and whatnot and my girlfriends have found them before. "What's this?" Ummm I dunno!!!!
  15. I been snusing for almost 3 years now, the Swedish stuff, not the American crap. Thunder Frosted Long+ and Jakobsson's Melon Strong. I tried everything to quit smoking and snus made it instantly easy for me. My wife snus' too. Flavor lasts forever, little to no health effects whasoever, and after 3 years I can pretty much say it saved my life. I will prob snus forever, as I do not mind the nicotine addiction, as that alone is no more dangerous than caffeine. And my snus habit costs me about $1 a day versus my $12 a day cig habit. So yea, I love SNUS. Was never a chew/dip guy though.
  16. Skoal Mint Xtra Long Cut is where it's at
  17. Copenhagen long cut or straight :D but I'm not picky, I'll dip anything. Besides Stoker's wintergreen, just tastes funky to me.
  18. Xtra long cut huh? Never seen it. Do you have problems breaking it up in your mouth to get to the tobacco that in between or is it unlike stokers LC?
  19. I don't dip too much but when I do I get grizzly wintergreen

    I kind of stopped because whenever I dipped I was drunk and I almost always threw up because of it hahaha
    But now that I'm thinking of it I kinda wanna get back to it
  20. How about Snuff? Most people trip and are disgusted by insnufflation but it's actually one of the oldest routines of administrations. Used it to get off cigarettes, worked for about a week and i lost it while drunk lol. Harsh shit at the beginning though.

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