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Chest Tightness/pain After Smoking?

Discussion in 'General' started by Zekesteezens47, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. I hardly ever smoke at all. Last summer was the first time I smoked weed and I really liked it, up until my friend decided to let me hit a "gravity bong" five times in one sitting in which I cleared it twice. Oh and if you don't know what a gravity bong is it's where you take a two liter bottle, full it up with water and put a hole in the cap and attach a piece to it filled with weed an light it then poke a hole in the side so all the water drips put slowly as the smoke fills up inside of the bottle. Anyway, after doing that I had an extremely bad trip that consisted of paranoia, anxiety attacks and heart palpitations. It was one of the scariest experiences of my life and I thought for sure I was done after that but all of my friends told me that I needed to smoke more to build up a tolerance. So I decided to keep trying it but even the smallest hits caused heart palpitations. Everyone told me that it was all in my head but there was no way, I was literally clenching my chest in pain.

    Once the school year began I probably smoked two or three more times an only one out of those times did I get the same painful experience in my heart as before. And now that summer has just begun I decided to take a shot at it again. I took it little by little and I was smoking almost everyday for about two weeks without any problems. Then pretty soon after a little while I decided to take on the gravity bong again. This time I took two fairly small hits from it and I was gone. It became the second worst trip I've had. We all went to a park after and I literally could not do anything but curl up into a ball and sit there. My heart felt like it was racing faster than ever and my paranoia was at an all time high. I was having another anxiety attack and I was having extreme heart palpitations. I felt like a mentally insane person sitting there while everyone just looked at me.

    After that everything was fine and I still continued to smoke little by little with our any problems up until now. Last night I was at my friends going away party when one of my other friends decided to take out his bong. I already a little high but I wanted to smoke some more. I probably took the tiniest hits you would have ever seen anyone take from a bong. I felt all good until about two hours I started to get some weird pains in my heart like a I have before. But this time it felt almost as if something was squeezing them and there was no way to get rid of it. I tried drinking water, eating or taking bath and even after the high wore off it still continued. And now its been 24 hours since it started and I still feel that squeezing pain in my heart and all on the left side of my chest. It's been bothering me all day and the only way to make it go away is when I go to sleep but it usually starts back up again after 5 minutes when I wake up. I'm not sure if its in my head or not but it is extremely bothersome and I don't know what to do. It doesn't necessarily hurt but sometimes It feels like its about to become painful. If anyone has any ideas of what it is or suggestions as to what I should do please let me know. Btw I am 18 years old, I don't play a lot of sports or go running but I do workout every once in a while and I eat very healthy and live a pretty healthy lifestyle. Thanks
  2. Do you have a tl;dr sentence for us? To long didn't read blocks of text .. The weed was probably good and u started coughing which would make Ur chest tight.. you might.evem have asthma .. 99% of us here in the city aren't doctors tho so u might wanna go to the doctors and ask for an inhaler or something

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  3. tldr.

    1.stop smoking
    2.start eating
  4. DON'T SMOKE WEED! Try edibles. Good luck.
  5. Try finding a low thc high cbd strain. But first, you should have your heart checked out and make sure its in good shape. If it does turn out to be just panic attacks, try my suggestion above.
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    Sure it's in your head. Heart attacks don't stop when you go to sleep. You have no tolerance so you can't smoke near as much as your buddies. Cannabis naive individuals like you get higher on tiny amounts than regular smokers get on large amounts. If you smoke again just take one hit, a small one if your pot's good. Don't take another until the first one starts fading, maybe in a couple of hours. You won't get those panic attacks and soon, maybe a month if you work at it, you'll develop tolerance and you'll be a pot junkie like the rest of us. The key is tiny amounts done regularly.

    During a panic attack you may think your heart is going to jump out of your chest and the more anxious you get the faster it beats. Remind yourself that it is just anxiety and that no one dies from weed. No one. Don't go to the ER because of your heart rate. If you go for chest pain I have no problem with that.
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    OP was TL;DR
    I get pins and needles in my lungs from smoking and my lungs feel like clenched fists.  So I vape or dab now with no ill effects.  You should try it.
  8. I’ve felt this also my experience is different I’ve been smoking everyday since about the end of 2016 I can say I’ve taken dabs I’d say about 4 or 5 times not too much but I smoke weed most good some bad weed everyday but not too much on sum maybe really small bowls on some days and other days I smoke blunts of weed Around 2017 I started getting into wax carts I smoked More then at least 5 to 6 times a evry two weeks at least a hit in school ppl would offer in the RR then It got very popular everyone smoked them basically around the end of 2018 through 2019 and 2020 so from 2018 to 2020 I was smoking at least 10-15 dabs of carts evry two weeks and they would kill I started getting used too them tolerance getting higher and I don’t just sit and smoke cause I would play sports so I constantly had practice through the day but during school and after practice most of the time however now the school year is over and I have been in quarantine so I been with my friend and we have been picking up big chief carts from a plug I’d say I’ve inhaled about 3 or 4 grams myself in about a month span so I’d say about three or four weeks ago I was laying down playing a game and I had just smoked a small bowl then like 10 mins later I started having heart palpitations then I thought it was in my head at first then my heart felt very slow like if it barely been pumping 10 Mins later I would feel a feeling in my neck that felt like something was pushing through my skin where my Adam’s Apple is and this lasted for about two hours before I could go to sleep I could do not enjoy anything when feeling like this so the next morning the feeling was gone so And my friend picked me up and we smoked a big chief cart and I hit it like 4 times soon enough I felt just like I felt the night before but 10x worse I felt nauseous sick it was the worst and this time it lasted dthrough out the day and the day after I would feel it throughout the day after smoking just one small bowl so I decided to call it quits for about a week I didn’t smoke anything for a whole week then I decided to test it I smoked a blunt at the beach with my brother and I did not feel it then we smoked another before leaving during the drive I would start to feel it but it was mild not even nearly as intense and ever since that day I decided to take it slowly daily dosages of bowls and I would still feel the feeling in my throat a little but no heart palpitation at all and now I smoke no type of wax anymore I haven’t smoked wax in about a month and a half so so now I can smoke blunts of weed again as long as I have water or sum to drink my smoking is back to normal with the exception that I can’t smoke any wax carts I’ve smoked moonrock the other day and felt good I was very Hugh but I felt the throat feeling a bit this is nothing to over look shit is crazy and Ik it happens to people I know you probably didn’t smoke wax carts so it’s different but id say look into your weed quality and stay away from those carts bro this is how I slowly gained my tolerance back with no problems I hope anybody with a similar eexperience and is feeling like shit about this can be helped by this carts are not good although you could just be pushing your natural tolerance as all maybe have a high limit we probably should not pass

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