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chest pains?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Higuys55, May 3, 2011.

  1. hey I'm a very rare smoker, like once every 2 weeks or so, and I smoked last night. Ever since like this afternoon, maybe late morning (day after I smoked) I've been having these chest pains every time I inhale and exhale, especially if I inhale or exhale hard... nothing extremely painful but its definately noticable

    does this ever happen to anyone? I'm kind of freaked out because I have heard that chest pains are a sign of a heart attack. Should I stop smoking because of this... is there any chance I could die? I'll be really bummed out if I have to because I really love it but i do NOT want to die :( advice please?
  2. I've gotten pains like that since before I smoked, you're not dying. You'll be fine. If it really bothers you, visit the doctor.
  3. lol if your not dead your good thats wat i always say.
  4. you probably have an alien in your chest
  5. Hello! I am going to guess you are a first time smoke, or at least a new smoker, if I am wrong then my apologies! Well i would get the same pains and also my throat felt super soar the next day after smoking. I am going to go ahead and say it is because you are new to the smoke, after my frist time it was a regular thing for me so i got used to the first time smoking crap. Good luck!
  6. Ha this used to happen to my cousin when she would smoke, she wasn't a very heavy smoker though once every six months or so. I can't say it's happened to me though.
  7. I think I had the same thing. Did the pain extend to your back or ribs? I had something like that for a week, went to a doctor too; didn't see any damage with lungs or anything.
  8. that happens to my friend.. are you a swimmer? if you have strong lungs and inhale to hard itll irritate the tissue, well at least thats what he says
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    @Unknown, no I am not particularly new to it I just only do it a few times a month at most. My first time was maybe 6 months ago and I've been high maybe 17-20 times.

    @MJ No the only area is one side of my chest (middle-side), kind of pectoralish area but I don't think its a muscle problem because breathing triggers it

    @RTCole I'm not a swimmer but I'm a runner. Unfortunately I dont think I inhale partticularly hard so i dont think thats it :(

    @GETHIGH unfortunately my pain isnt horribly sharp or anything and it has been lasting all day although I think it may be getting slightly better now. So it cant be that cause that says it only lasts for a short time :\
  10. [ame=]YouTube - Alien - Extended Chestburster[/ame]
  11. i had the same the other weekend, turns out its often a strained/strechted muscle if the pain grows when you breath in/out and also when you stretch. i shit myself thinking heart problems, but just muscle pain. :)

    it still might be worth getting checked out.
  12. Smoking weed wouldn't kill you, but if you don't smoke often it's probably because your not used it it. That happens to me if I smoke a lot for the entire day. I mean like more then a quarter though lol. Your bodys not used to it. If it's only when you breather i wouldn't worried it's your body's reaction to smoke. If your worried and it's consistent I would see a doctor . But if it only happens after smoking don't worry about it
  13. However if it keeps happening I'm not trying to freak you out but you should go to a doctor. If it's only after you smoke then I wouldn't worry you know? But chest pains are chest pains and if it will put you at ease I would go to a doctor
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    I've had the chest pains too, but only when smoking shwag. and they are rare.

    Personally I'd rather take my chances with death than live without :bongin:.

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