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Chest pains after smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by orpheus1373, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. hey, so i'm a pretty new smoker. probably smoked about 20 times since april, recently been doing it more often. i just got a pipe and bought a dime to try it out. after smoking each time i feel chest pains and like my hearts going to beat so fast it'll explode or something. recently it went all the way to my abdomen and each time it seems to get worse.
    is it the pipe?
    the weed?
    the fact that i haven't been cleaning my pipe after each smoke sesh?
    i don't think it's something different because i just had a physical this morning and she mentioned nothing about my heartbeat/chest.
    please help! i want to enjoy my highs again :(

    also, i don't know if im just making it a lot worse by freaking out over it while high
  2. Sounds like your smoking a sativa. Sativas are known to be racy, like make your heart beat fast and make you paranoid.
  3. Yeah. You would be happier with an indica strain. If all you can get is sativas or you don't know what you are getting, just smoke a little less. Your body will get used to it over time. I like sativas but it took a few weeks to adjust. Now my heart only races when I get really high.
    Pace yourself young blade.
  4. U probably got high blood pressure that's how I use to be 2 months ago go to a doctor for a check up to make sure
  5. Take your pulse when you 'think' your heart is beating super fast, you'll be surprised at how normal your BPM. Paranoia manifests like this, that's how it works.

  6. that's what i was thinking but what about the chest pains?:confused:
  7. [quote name='"orpheus1373"']

    that's what i was thinking but what about the chest pains?:confused:[/quote]

    You haven't exactly smoke it enough to get used to it yet and I think that fact that you're freaking out is making them more noticable. Like if you're all paranoid and tensing yourself and your chest up.
  8. Your brain is capable of a lot of crazy shit, that's why paranoia is so scary because you don't know if it's real or not, I wouldn't be concerned about chest pains when you're really baked.

    I have a minor heart issue that I had to see a cardiologist for a few months back, this is what they do; They're going to give you an EKG, and they're going to make you do a stress test. If you are really concerned, your general physician can probably do both for you, at least mine did before I had to see the cardiologist. If you do the stress test sober and you have no issues, then you know for sure that those chest pains are just in your head while you're really baked.

    I would say if you never have these pains while sober, then it is certainly that, I would say just go run for 10 minutes or 20 minutes and make sure your heart rate gets up there, but I don't want you to go run and collapse without medical attention available, but if you can do that or have a friend watch you while you do if you don't want to pay for the stress test.

  9. okay thanks i'll deffinitely go get it checked if it continues... i'm not sure if i'm feeling it now or what (i'm not high).. might just be in my head. but i'm taking a break for a few days anyways.
  10. Good idea, give it a few days and see if you feel fine sober over a couple days and then you'll know if it was just the weed
  11. Buy some good quality sleeping tablets and have half of one before you toke. it helps reduce your heart rate and doesn't make you feel sleepy that much. If you are really skinny it might make you feel kinda sleepy, if it does then take some vitamin tablets or if not drink a can of red-bull or make yourself a nice cup of coffee.

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