chest pain

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  1. is it bad if it lasts more than 30 mins? it hurts to breathe in, thr pain is right over my heart, on thr left ide of my chrest. i drank a lot of whiskey tonight. but chest pain for me usually goes aeway in 5 mins tops but i can hardly breathe in at all, just starting to freak out over here. im fuxking freezing my ass off even thogh im under covers and everything i csn not stop shovering
  2. Uhmmm dude thats pree scary not a heart attack cause in 5 mins you would be fucked....but its something i would get this checked out...

    EDIT: ive had muscle spasms were i breath and it hurts like your getting stabbed but it goes away once you push through it you may just be over reacting but idk im not you....
  3. try some tums
  4. Might actually be back-pain. Try popping your back/chest, might help.. I have chest pain sometimes too, my heart skips at time...shit is intense.
  5. Collapsed lung - PubMed Health

    "In some cases, a collapsed lung occurs without any cause. This is called a spontaneous pneumothorax. A small area in the lung that is filled with air, called a bleb, can rupture, sending air into the space around the lung."

    ..? Could also be heartburn.
  6. Probably gas. Find a pic on google and look at where all your intestines run through. There's farts all up in there for days sometimes that are waiting to get pushed out. Like farts hiding below your armpit that wont get farted till next week. Imagine how ba a person's insides probably stink.

    If you're sure that's not it, or you've got any other indication that it might be a cardiac issue, I would suggest calling 911.
  7. Drink some more whiskey till it goes away haha :ey:
  8. Could be lots of different things. I've had times where I'd get sharp pain in one of my lungs for hours, and then it would go away randomly.

    It's funny you made this thread though, because I currently have bronchitis.

    So, I kinda know how you feel. :p


    Sorry, I needed to let that one out. :wave:

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