Chest pain when taking bong hits?

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  1. I just got a percolator bong yesterday and used a perc for the first time and surprisingly it hit really smooth which is something I'm not used to. I'm not sure if this is normal but when I take a bigger hit, (usually by accident because I don't even feel the smoke and I'm already high) I will blow the smoke out and feel a really bad pain in my chest. I've never felt this before and I figured I would just cough like hell but I only had a few small coughs. I'm kinda used to holding the urge to cough to the point where it doesn't really feel like I need to cough anymore so I just force myself to cough at least twice lol. Anyways, do you guys feel pain after a bigger sized bong hit?

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  2. I don't think so... I've never had this happen try using hot water in the bong see how that does for you. I think when it's really cold for my it hurts/makes me cough a lot more. Or try some ucalyptis** oil that's always nice. But as far as a bad pain I'm not sure.

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  3. Its just cause you are taking big rips you arent entirely used to yet. Its perfectly normal man, that "chest pain" just means the flowers are workin your lungs. Dont even trip 😉 happens to me all the time

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  4. Well buddy I don't know if this applies to you.
    But some of my friends who do not smoke that often are quite sore after a smoking sesh. This is because they cough so much that the cartilage in their chests becomes strained.
    Maybe this is your problem because holding the urge to cough is actually separating the cartilage?
    IDK just my two sense. If its a deep burning pain it may just be your cilia locking up in the tertiary lobe of your lungs.
  5. Thanks everyone I guess that is the problem.

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    I have something like that...its called Costocondritis, its where the cartilage in your chest wall gets inflamed and it hurts to breath. but this happens about 4 ribs down from your colar bone...tell them to push down on your 4th rib. if the shit hurts. only thing that makes it better is steroids and Vicoden lol. Ibuprofen will not help this problem. and its one of the most stubborn things to get rid of. it can take days, weeks, months, years, life time.

    I got alot better...but while this was happening i was still able to smoke out of a bong and cough just fine. its when i breathed out and layed down was when it hurt the most. It also stoped me from breathing normaly which made me go to the doctor. They will take blood from you and Xrays.  to rule out heart attack and blood clots and such.
  7. I've had this. Hot water will do nothing but hurt even more, try taking a short few day break from smoking if you smoke daily. Also try using cold water instead. 
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  8. Sounds like you're just taking really big rips when you feel it deep in the chest rather than the throat. You'll get used to it. If it's temporary like a few deep, albeit somewhat painful, breaths clears it, it's just the THC absorbing in your lungs. Also if you smoke stronger weed it tends to hurt your throat less but hurt your lungs more. But eventually you get used to it.

    Also don't try to supress coughing. Some say the spasms help force THC into your bloodstream faster. Plus holding in smoke longer than several seconds is sorta counterproductive. You absorb the THC in the first couple seconds and after that you're just absorbing the combustion products.

    My favored way of taking rips is to inhale deeply, cornering the bowls to prevent harshness. And instead of holding your breath, exhale very slowly. The moving turbulent air inside your lungs will allow better contact and transfer of the THC while preventing settling of lighter particles like combustion products and soot.

    That's why with heavily vaping dabs, it's not your throat that hurts but deep in your lungs that feel like someone is squeezing your lungs.
  9. Only when I smoke shwag. You should try edibles.
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  10. This happened to me my first time hitting a bong (2 weeks ago) and i have strong lungs and a throat where I never cough. Minute and a half rip first ever try, and dammit it hurt my chest.
  11. Ice catchers my friend.... Ice catchers

  12. It's all good now I don't have any chest pain anymore.

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  13. bullshit, thats not possible because unless you had the draggiest POS bong ever theres no way you could pack enough herb into a bowl for that. I can pack almost all my slides to the brim and clear them with only a 5-7second rip. 
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  14. Only time bong hits hurt my lungs is when I use Everclear instead of water with the ice...really harsh but you go from zero to both drunk and stoned in about 5 minutes. This you only do when "smoking for effect".
  15. Lol damn. I never heard about doing that before, that's pretty badass.

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  16. Yes I just cry and get on with my life.
  17. My double perc gives me chest pain like pressure feeling after couple days of use then I take break and switch to my 11.5" bong..started only taking dabs out of my double perc still get that pressure chest pain after sesh of couple days seems to always go away the pain that is. So I think it has something to do with size of rip and percs 1611578149696.jpg 1611578229009.jpg

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  19. Revived a really old thread is the smoke getting to hot ?? Or something.. or your inhaling way more smoke then you can handle , I’d try smaller rips..
  20. I’ve never understood why people put hot water in bongs. IMO the water is there to cool down the smoke so you can take more in and NOT cough. What could the benefit of hot water be??

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