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Chest pain during draws

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HS_786, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. So i'm new to this. i've smoked four blunts in my life, one each week.
    During every draw i'd take I would cough like hell and my throat would dry up (normal). But my chest was hurting like crazy! Every draw it would get worse.. It was really bad.
    It felt like a burning/stinging sensation in my heart.
    None of my friends around me felt these chest pains.

    Should I be worried??

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  2. I have heart problems, and felt the same issues. Although a depressant, weed raised my pulse. Paired with tobacco, a stimulant, it probably just raises your heart rate a bit too much to be comfortable. Could be general heartburn. Next time keep some Tums around, those usually help when I get that feeling sober.
    For me the pain went away after a few days of concecutive smoking
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    By tums do you mean food?:L

    Oh googled it, thanks👍
  4. Does this happen during every draw? And does your heart increase to the point where you feel like it's about to burst out your chest?
  5. Invest in a vaporizer u wont get those problems. none under $100 are quality.
  6. Yes!!! Try edibles. Do not smoke.
  7. Try smoking from something other than a blunt. If the problem persists, try vaporizing or edibles.

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  8. i got something similar to this when i had virgin lungs, felt like my chest was raked by burning claws, but then the burn would slowly fade into a body high. now it doesn't really happen because im more conditioned for smoking. So either you're just inexperienced and it will get better when you smoke more OR it won't get better and is a sign that smoking isn't for you. try something that isn't a blunt, cuz that's like the harshest way to smoke
  9. Yes my chest feels like its being raped by satan
    Do you guys think I should try a bong, a lot more easier for me
  10. Well don't let your chest continue to be raped by satan. Get a vape or edibles!'
  11. A bong is gonna make your chest do more work because you have to pull more. If it hurts from drawing then no a bong would not be a good choice.
    If it hurts from the hot smoke then yes a bong may help because it cools the smoke down a bit
  12. Ok i'll have a look
    Thanks for the help guys.
  13. Cannabis is a actually a psychedelic not a depressant.

    OP I had similar experiences first time I smoked a blunt. I eventually got used to blunts, but I would recommend leaving them now.

    Once you start to appreciate the weed you realize the last thing you want to do with some beautiful flowers is stuff them in a cigar shell.

    Most people anyway.
  14. Edibles are the key to success here.

    Just wondering, are you mixing with tobacco? I know a lot of people get sore lungs and chest pains if they don't smoke cigarettes regularly and then try tobacco-mixed blunts or joints.

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  15. Nope, just pure herb & I've only smoked a cigarette once or twice.. But I smoke tobacco hookah once in a while.
    I think my lungs are still virgins?
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    Should I try a herb and tobacco mix?
  17. It kind of depends on what the chest pains directly are caused by. Have you ever been checked for asthma or something similar?

    I only smoke joints with weed/tobacco mix, along with the casual edible. Edibles give the best high IMO, but are more time-consuming to make. The high takes a bit longer to kick in, but boy... It's way better than smoking, if cooked properly!

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  18. Well I used to have unidentified chest pains when I was a kid..
    I've heard so much about edibles, but its too time consuming for me and difficult while living with my parents. Can't I just shove a bud in a brownie?:|

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