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Chest Pain after smoking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Wkstallworth, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. A little background on myself, I'm 29 and Ive been an everyday smoker since I was 16. Never had any health issues always been very active in sports and working out. Every time I got high ive always been very relaxed, my way of escaping reality. About 3 months ago I had a bad experience. After smoking a joint I noticed chest pains. I was scared I was having a heart attack. I was freaking out to the point I passed out... My wife rushed me to the e.r and they ran all sorts of test on my heart even a echocardiogram and told me everything was perfect with my heart. The problem is now every time I smoke I get these same chest pains that give me anxiety. I'm upset because marijuana has always been my stress reliever and now it's become the exact opposite. Has anyone experienced this? If so, what was the cause and did you quit smoking?
  2. You say you're 29 and that is leading me to assume that you're financially stable.
    Maybe invest in a vaporizer? bake edibles? Vaporizer would be easier on your lungs/chest for sure.
  3. I could afford a vaporizer but if it's the smoke that's the problem than why now after all these years.
  4. It's called a pleurisy and you get them from taking too big of a hit. i have one rn and the pain is 10/10

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  5. I quit smoking for awhile cuz I had chest pains. I went to the doctors and got everything checked and everything was fine. I later got diagnosed with anxiety. Ever since then I realized it's all in my head. Chest pains went away when I stopped worrying about them. The mind is a powerful thing and in my situation I just had to relax. However I don't know if that's the same thing for you or not.

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