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Chest Infection

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Kanye, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. hey guys i know ur not doctors..well i hope some are, umm im just wondering should i smoke my weed atm, while ive got a heavy chest cough. im coughing up flem but its not sore. just a regular harsh cough..will weed make it worse?
  2. Smoking may give u some temporary comfort, but will ultimately set your recovery back.

    Smoking could also temporarily greatly worsen your cough

    Not a huge deal but it sure wont help.
  3. A doc once told me not to smoke weed when I had a couch like you described. I did anyways tho..:smoking:
  4. thanks guys. i think ill lay off it till the coughs relieved.
  5. Lets see that'll be a 5 dollar copay please.
  6. yea. just load up on some vitamin C. and that chest infection has a silver lining Tolerance Break! and it will be so much better when you bake when you feel like your lung isn't dying.

  7. shwaaaa?
  8. true and you can always eat edibles

  9. i dont know how to cook it :(
  10. well when you smoke, your body sends out a bunch of anti bodies to combat the smoke in your lungs.

    so if you smoke when you're sick, your wasting anti bodies that could be used to fight your sickness.

    vape or eat it

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