Chest freezer LED scrog grow, Ideas?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by strangebrew41, Aug 4, 2012.

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    Hello. I am trying to put together a 2 plant scrog grow in a chest freezer. I have decided that LED is the way to go for me, but I'm not sure the best route beyond that.

    The chest freezer's inside dimensions:
    60" wide (5 feet)
    22" front to back
    28" high

    My thought was to do two screens attached at the front and back 22" x 22" with a little over 5" on either side and in between each screen. Which would require 4'x2' of light coverage.
    From a few hours of research I am leaning towards 2 Blackstar 135w lights ($179 on amazon). They say that the coverage is 2'x2' which sounds perfect for what I want to do. I also thought about a Pro Grow 260 ($409), but it seems that the two blackstars would be best.

    What are your thoughts? Please help me, I want to do this right.

    Also what would be my best strategy for ventilation in the freezer?

    My plan was to grow out of 5 gallon buckets (too tall?) with fox farm soil.

    Thank you for your help! I am new to this, but very excited.
  2. I have a 240 watt blackstar and it is awesome. I'm currently switching it to scrog because scrog is more efficient with led.

    As for the 5 gallon buckets, I would say to tall. You could:
    A) get the 3 gallon buckets from a hydro store or hardware store, they are the same diameter though.
    B) go to lowes or other reputable hardware store and go through their totes and get something short and wider then A)

    Ventilation. Well you could install a prop on the door and set up a couple small fans, it would be best to cut a couple holes, two for passive intake and one or two exhaust holes.

    Take pics, it sounds like an awesome idea!
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    Reading about this company was interesting.Sounded like they have the best diodes.Course they all say that.When I LED I think it will be one of these.Blackstar is kinda old news.

    Shoot I didnt notice they only had larger LED.s

    Then theres these 3 that sound decent as well.The diamond series Lights sound good,adjustable spectrums.2 100w watters would work well in your setup.Or maybe 1 200w.

    LED Grow Lights | Penetrator 336X LED Grow Light

    357 Magnum Plus LED Grow Light

    NEW - Diamond Series LEDs - Extreme 3w LED Technology - Advanced LED Grow Lights

    As far as venting just use PVC maybe,and have 3-5 corners on the outside that way no light can make it around all those corners.

  4. Thank you! I'm not moving too fast on this, but I am getting a good plan. I will post pictures later.
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    Months ago i was about to get a blackstar aswell, but after further research i found they crap out alot. I decided to get the 100w diamond series for now, on it's way now =] ( untill i have enough molaa to get a second). The diamond series is ALL 3W leds. Blackstar is a mix between 1w and 3w. 3w make better/denser buds. They also have 5w out there. I'd shoot for 3w for now, 5w leds cost alot of cash -___-

    Ventilation: i have a very similar set up in the making. 4" inline fan(170 cfm) with carbon filter and speed controller. I choose this set up for 1) no smell, 2) if you added more leds or some cfls you got the extra cfm to work with.

  6. Any new updates?

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