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Discussion in 'General' started by andis, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. I really enjoy to play chess especially when I'm high, any Chess players here ? :D

    Had been fun to play high against someone who also are high :)
  2. I absolutely LOVE chess!!!!! I've been playing for years and years and years. I wouldn't say I'm the best but I'm pretty good unless I'm so high that I can't even think to visualize my next moves!!!!!!!
  3. Playing chess is definitely fun, stoned or not. I always play family members during family events or holidays, and I enjoy beating them :) Sometimes I play chess with my friends when we blaze. Sometimes it's just fun to play a game that really makes you think....
  4. Chess is too much to think about for me. I'll take checkers any day. I play online sometimes.
  5. yea i play chess.. sometimes i play people online on yahoo chess
  6. played a lot of chess when i was younger. these days tho i do more backgammon. i think it's more relaxed, and you can toke or drink and still have a realistic chance at winning :)
  7. aaaaaaw, I *love* to play chess. my dad taught me how to play when I was young, and after playing againsy my brother, I got damn good at it. at college I had a set on my desk, we'd do a lot of sessions in my room..I get guys thinking they were sooooo swift at the game, I got really good playing while high...put on some good tunes, play a game of chess, sometimes, you couldnt beat it! especially when I beat those guys! lol :D
  8. yeah i love it.......play it every tuesday night with my mates.....Peace out........Sid
  9. when i was at (i don't know, maybe junior high school) school in 7th grade, i was number 6 in the regional chess championship... i have degraded since then :)
  10. yeah i was a member of the chess federation thing many years ago. i think i am going to go play some chess on yahoo now that i read this thread

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