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Discussion in 'All Sports' started by ChillFave, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Do any blades play chess here? Are you better at chess when you're smoking? I am sometimes, weed helps come up with creative moves I probably couldn't have seen sober. 
    my account name is 420sm0keW33dALLdayXx, let's hook up and rule the world

  2. I'll add you right now  :bongin:
  3. I can't find you.  I play on my user name is N0remac
  4. I do like chess, I just suck major balls at it. Never tried playing whilst high though, good idea..
  5. Same here, I like it but I suck!

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  6. Absolutely! Used to run chess club at a school I worked away.

    I highly recommend "the Amateurs mind" by Jeremy silman to anyone looking to improve their game.

    Favorite openings and defenses?
    probably the sicilian and the french defense. Favorite opening for white is one called the "dutch gambit" where you give up three pawns at the beginning but get a good position to beat shit up.
    Yeah I just watch chess videos online, can't understand the whole rank and file system at all! haha
  8. I love chess me an my buddies have these month long stages sometimes where we would blaze and play chess haha it makes the game very interesting


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