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  1. Anyone play chess and good at it?  I've been playing pretty much nonstopyesterday the day before and today.....still cant beat the computer!!  playing on i've only beat 2 people out of like 15 games.  shits tough man.  anyone wanna play?
    fuck playing the computer though, i can NEVER take a piece!  all the comp's pieces are always mad protected

  2. chess is a nerds game, i prefer to play checkers.
  3. I suck at Chess. :laughing: I play it now and then on my phone if I'm waiting for something and have nothing else to do.
  4. I have invested a lot of hours of my life to playing chess but I still suck.
  5. I can barely beat level 3 against the computer. 
    I swear I was better as a kid than I am now. I used to rock the computer and people online.. now I can't beat the level 2 difficulty computer :laughing:
  7. I hate computer chess. I play people chess. :laughing:
  8. i think i was better as a kid too lol, but mainly cause when i was a kid i had some slow shitty PC in my room with no internet and few games including chess...and my dad played chess alllllll the tme, so i did too on my comp just to be like him...i think i beat the comp at least once or twice, but right now man fuck i take like 3 or 4 of the comp's pieces and he got all my fighters i got pawns and theKing left lol 
    anyone wanna play on
  9. I am miserable at chess. I lose in like 4 moves lol
  10. I love chess...played since I was a kid.

    I never play it online, but I still play anyone who's up up the challenge. Been awhile since I've lost haha.
  11. When I was younger 9-14 years old I was actually one of the best chess players in the state that I lived in. Did tournaments, won trophies, money all that good stuff. I play now and then still but not like I used to. 

    God I love The Wire...

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  13. I love chess man!
  14. Trick on beating the computer on hard. Only works if you have the undo function.
    Whenever the comp takes ur piece just undo and do something different or move something to protect ur thing, eventually the comp does something useless and you get a piece.
    Please dont tell the computer :(.  
  15. I learned & played alot in jail
  16. I love chess but usually noone will play with me. Chessmaniac huh? i'll try it out :devious:
  17. Yeah man, i'm not much for playing on the computer, I do exceedingly better with a physical board and pieces.

    I've yet to lose a game against any of my stoner friends, including one of my friend's dads who is like a mad scientist genius.
  18. Chess is a great game. I also like playing pinochle .GC should open up a game spot with dominos, card games and board games. For the people
  19. Chess is a great game. Played when I was a lot younger and recently started to play again- took me a while to get good again. It's the best procrastination to studying because you actually feel as though you are doing something intellectually stimulating. I play on I recommend it highly to anyone else.

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